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An Overview of Metabolism


Metabolism is one of those basic of all chemical processes that take place in your body. It occurs in any living cell or organism and is necessary in order to sustain life. The chemical processes take place in order to break down certain substances in order to yield energy that is used for vital processes and other substances are synthesized.

We all need the energy that metabolism supplies in order to survive. Every living thing needs energy to survive. Animals, bacteria, humans and plants, all need energy to survive. We get that energy from a chemical process during the digestion of food.

In the very simplest terms, metabolism is the changes that take place in order for the body to use the food that we eat. Metabolism changes the food into resources that the body can use. Metabolism is the body’s way of using what we take in responsibly.

It changes the food into particles that can be used by the body so as to not waste what we eat. When your body is healthy, metabolism changes food into useful resources that can repair damage, heal an injury, or help the body to rid itself of damaging toxins. Metabolism helps us to maintain a healthy functioning body and helps us to be able to stay alive.

How do you achieve a healthy state of metabolism?

A body needs nutrition, hydration, and physical activity in order to maintain a healthy metabolism. Not just any amount or quality of nutrition, hydration and physical activity will result in healthy metabolism. In order for healthy metabolism to occur we must take in a healthy, balanced diet (nutrition), and we must consume adequate amounts of water (hydration), and we must achieve the proper level of physical activity. If our diet is poor, we don’t drink enough daily water and we lead a sedentary lifestyle than our metabolism will not be healthy.

There are two forms of metabolism that the body uses, anabolic metabolism and catabolic metabolism. Anabolic metabolism uses enzymes to structure larger molecules from smaller molecules. Catabolic metabolism breaks down chemicals and nutrients in the foods and drugs that we consume so that they are smaller particles that the body can then use.

You may have heard of metabolism in regards to weight loss. Those who want to lose weight need to burn off more calories than they take in. This ability to burn off more calories than is consumed depends on how much food (calories) the individual consumes and how active the metabolism is at breaking down and burning off those calories. When the metabolism is healthy it can burn off calories at a better rate than when those 3 ingredients we mentioned earlier are not at the best levels for a healthy metabolism (nutrition, hydration, physical activity).

When taking in nutrition eat foods that are going to make you healthy (fruits, vegetables and lean meats) and consume appropriate amounts of calories. Drink more water (minimum of eight-8 oz glasses) a day in order to keep the metabolism working at a good rate and get plenty of daily physical activity that will burn off calories and keep your heart pumping in order to boost metabolism.

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2 Responses to An Overview of Metabolism

  1. Ebony April 11, 2010 at 3:22 am #

    How do you tone down a high metabolism?

    • Dee April 11, 2010 at 3:52 am #

      Hi Ebony, It could be your thyroid (do a search for hyperthyroidism on here or on google). I would get your thyroid hormone levels checked at your doctor before assuming it is metabolism.

      Let me know how it goes, k?


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