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Osteopathic Treatment for Sciatica

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Sciatica is the medical term used for pain that travels down the back of the whole leg to the ankle and can even affect the sole of the foot.  Sciatic pain can come on gradually were virtually overnight but the main symptom is pain or discomfort that usually centers offside of the lower back and radiates down one leg.

Individuals who suffer from sciatic pain will find that the pain and theories greatly both in the intensity and in location, between patients and sometimes in the same patient.  In some cases an individual will have minimal pain that feels like a slight ache or pins and needles but in other cases the pain can be extreme making any movements excruciatingly painful.

The pain follows the path of the sciatic nerve which reaches from the lower back through the buttocks, down the length of the legs and into the feet and toes.  Although sciatic pain can affect anyone at any age it tends to be more common in men over the age of 40 and can last for days, weeks, months or even years.  The sciatic pain is also common in women who are pregnant and have poor flexibility in the lower back.

The cause of sciatica is usually pressure being placed on the sciatic nerves when one of the desks becomes inflamed or ruptures.  This disc injury he can be a result of osteoporosis, arthritis, injury to the ligaments around the desk, constant pressure due to pregnancy, excessive weight gain or even certain repetitive physical exercises.

It’s important to bear in mind that the terms of sciatica is not a diagnosis it rather a description of a symptom.  Importantly, the osteopathic physician should also look for the cause of the symptom in order to decrease the possibility that these same issues will arise again in the near future.

Treatment by an osteopathic physician for sciatic pain is usually conservative at first.  This is the cause most commonly the pain will greatly diminish or even disappear within the first month when the patient is able to support the back and avoid all strenuous physical activities.  Physicians will recommend application of ice packs for 10 to 15 minutes to to three times a day.  It’s important to remember never to place ice directly over the skin but in fact to use ice packs specifically produced for this activity.

Individuals who get adequate amounts of sleep and potentially take anti-inflammatory drugs may also find great relief from sciatic pain.  Occasionally doctors will recommend injections of corticosteroids into the space around the spinal column for temporary relief of pain and decrease in inflammation.  At this time there is little or no clinical evidence that injections of zero it’s into the sub to roll space have any benefit to treatment of sciatic pain.

Doctors will also recommend strongly that bed rest of greater than 24 hours may decrease the functionality of the individual and in fact increase the stiffness of the lower extremities.  Activities should be limited by pain but individuals should also be encouraged to move around occasionally.  It’s important to use a firm mattress so the lower back is not under any greater stress.

Using Osteopathic Movement Techniques the doctor will help reduce the swelling and pressure around the disk that is placing pressure on the sciatic nerves root.  They can also help to reduce contractions of specific muscles that may be putting extra pressure on the sciatic nerve.

Oftentimes once the pain has subsided the physician will also recommend exercise in order to strengthen the core muscles and decrease the likelihood of a re-occurrence.  These exercises should be supervised by a physical therapist in order to decrease the risk of further injury.

Individuals can help to take care of their own back by keeping physically fit and exercising to strengthen abdominal muscles and back muscles.  It is important to maintain good posture, both when sitting and standing that will avoid increasing pressure placed on a sciatic nerve roots.  Men should avoid carrying their wallet in the back pocket or keep its contents to a minimum because when seated this while it offsets the hip.

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SciatiGon is a natural, safe and effective herbal and homeopathic remedy for relieving pain and addressing the various causes of sciatica, neuralgia and nerve inflammation. Use SciatiGon to relieve the pain of sciatica, to reduce inflammation and relieve pressure on the sciatic nerve, to prevent calcification and stenosis of the spinal canal, to treat muscle spasms and the resulting stiffness and for relief of all nerve pain and neuralgia. Formulated by a clinical psychologist, SciatiGon is pharmaceutically manufactured to the highest standards.

Real Testimonial from Chole in Ny, USA:

When I ordered SciatiGon, I had much reservation because nothing I’ve taken for sciatica has helped so far.  I’ve tried Tibetan herbal formulas, other homeopathic remedies and the pain was still  horrible.

I’ve been dealing with this horrific nerve pain going down my right leg for at least 2 years…I’ve seen many chiropractors, an osteopath and an herbalist. I was told by one doctor it was a piriformis issue…another said, classic sciatica.

I’ve had massages and tried yoga but every protocol was irritating. People suggested that I get nerve block injections. I always look to find the most simple of protocols before I ever consider the most invasive.  I know homeopathy works, but it requires the right formula to match the issue. I never found anything that worked before.

I’ve tried meditation, colon cleanses, a change in diet but the pain persisted.

Yesterday I received my SciatiGon order.  I ordered 3 bottles because I honestly thought it would take me weeks if not months to see any kind of results. I guess I was so sure this wouldn’t work, I just expected to be very patient.  This is how I’ve experienced everything else….waiting and waiting and still getting poor results.

This is the absolute truth…but after one dose of SciatiGon, just 5 drops in water I felt a difference….I also took the Nerve Tonic along with it…The pain wasn’t completely gone but I could sense the formulas were getting right to the source of my problem.

This morning, I took both formulas again…I am much improved.  A slight sense of irritation, but nothing like what I was experiencing yesterday before my order arrived.


I honestly think I’ve found my solution and I’m sincerely grateful to Native Remedies for making outstanding products that truly work!

2 Responses to Osteopathic Treatment for Sciatica

  1. patricia arroyo February 27, 2010 at 8:22 pm #

    I ordered sciatigon for my husband, but he refused to take it. He is claiming it Quack medicine. How can I convince him it is legitimate.

    • Dee February 27, 2010 at 8:49 pm #

      Hi Patricia,

      My advice would be to tell him that whenever he’s taken aspirin it must be ‘quack medicine’ too – aspirin is made from willow bark – an herb. Just as digitalis (an effective heart medication) is derived from foxglove – another herb. I could go on, but you get the point. 🙂

      My only other comment is that his sciatica must not be too bad if he’s not willing to try something which has a possibility of helping and has a money-back guarantee. I certainly wouldn’t give him much sympathy the next time he complains of the pain!

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