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Nutritional Challenges for Women Over 40


There are many challenges that a woman over 40 years of age will have to deal with.’One of these challenges is how to keep the body in its good health condition by getting the right amount of nutrients.

A woman who is in her 40s has different nutritional needs than a man or a woman younger than her age.’She should be able to respond to these nutritional needs to maintain good health and prevent health-related diseases such as:’obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and the deadly cancer.

Women will find that going back to nutrition basics is important.’A well balanced diet with the right amount of nutrients will ensure that women enjoy a longer life.’

Good vs. Bad Fats

There is a significant difference between good fat and bad fat.’Women in their 40s should have the right amount of fat necessary to maintain good health.’Without good fat, the body won’t be able to absorb important vitamins and minerals.

Good fats are found in olive oil, avocados, almonds, fish, sesame seeds, and soybeans among others.

Stay away from saturated fats.’These are fats that turns to solid at room temperature.

What Vitamins and Minerals Can Do

Women in their 40s should take a lot of vitamins and minerals necessary for the body.’As the body ages, it is more prone to age-related diseases like osteoporosis.’One very important mineral for women in this age bracket is calcium.’

Calcium strengthens the bones to prevent osteoporosis.’It is also particularly useful in alleviating symptoms of PMS as well as those associated with menopause.’

It is not only the aging women who need calcium; any woman at any age needs a daily intake of calcium.’

Foods rich in calcium are whole grain cereal, beans, green vegetables, low-fat milk, yoghurt, almonds, and canned sardines high in Omega-3 among others.

But calcium alone is not sufficient to keep one going.’For calcium to work best, it has to be paired with minerals like magnesium and vitamin D.’You get magnesium from green leafy vegetables’while sunlight (early morning sun) is the best source of Vitamin as well as fortified milk, liver, and egg yolks.’

Vitamin C is also very important for women in their 40s as it strengthens the immune system.’Vitamin C keeps viruses away and one of the best means to combat the deadly cancer.

Staying healthy at 40 should be every woman’s concern.’As they grow older, their system needs more nutrition to cope with the increasing health risks common to their age.’No one is responsible to maintain one’s health being than the woman herself.’

A regular consultation with the doctor is beneficial.’Eating the right amount of nutrients is crucial to ensure the wellness of the body.’As a woman ages over 40, she may have a different nutritional requirement.’If responded properly, a woman who is in her 40 can still live and look like a woman ten or twenty years younger.

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