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Music Therapy for Pain Relief


Music is said to calm the savage beast. What about pain? Studies show that music therapy is instrumental (no pun intended) in reducing pain in patients with arthritis and other conditions.

Many people of all ages suffer from pain in their body. It can be from a chronic condition, an injury, or age. Pain is still pain. It is uncomfortable and affects all areas of our lives.

There is hope for those suffering from pain. New medical procedures have helped people dealing with bodily pain. For some, surgery is the answer to correct a condition that causes pain.

Others cant be helped from surgery and rely on pain-relieving medicines to manage their condition.

Another treatment option that is being studies is music therapy. Through music therapy, patients have reported a significant reduction in their pain. What is significant? Reports of ten to thirty percent pain reduction are not uncommon with music therapy.

We all listen to different types of music. Music changes our moods, makes us move to the beat, and relaxes us. Classical or easy-listening music is not the only music that soothes the body. It is a personal choice.

The music chosen for music therapy has to be considered relaxing to the participant. In studies, the participants had experienced painful conditions in their bodies for several years. The condition had to be a bona fide pain problem.

With the treatment, music is used to manage pain in a new way for the participant. That is one reason the music has to be relaxing. Relaxing music soothes the mind and makes muscles more pliable.

The music is used in various therapies to work out the pain. Guided movements are performed to the music and pain relief is gauged. After many sessions, participants noticed that the intensity of their pain had gone down.

Music therapy has also found success for participants suffering from other forms of illness. People with Alzheimer’s disease, depression, trauma injuries, and strokes have benefited from music therapy. Each therapy is targeted to the needs of the participant.

Music therapy can be conducted in group sessions or individually. Some participants draw strength from being with others who have the same condition. They can challenge each other to go the distance and reap the benefits of the therapy. For others, private music therapy sessions are more comfortable than being in a group.

Whichever you choose, music therapy sessions for pain management or any other condition is performed by a trained and licensed music therapist. Engaging in sessions with an untrained therapist can have devastating effects.

If you suffer from chronic pain, music therapy could be an option for some much needed relief. Using soothing music, therapists work with participants to alleviate their painful conditions.

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