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“Life is a song. It has its own rhythm of harmony. It is symphony of all things which exist in major and minor keys of Polarity. It blends the discords, by opposites into harmony which unites the whole into a grand symphony of life.

To learn through experience is to blend with the whole, it the object of our being here.” Dr. Randolph Stone founder of Polarity Therapy

I call learning about and resolving our personal dissonance’s music school. Everyone is enrolled. We are all working towards our master’s degree. In this school, whether we like it or not, we must learn about dissonance and resonance.

Fortunately, music school is a school without walls and we don’t have to pay money for our lessons unless we want to. It is a funny school in that some people pay money not to have lessons, and it always seems like lots of people are trying to “play hooky.”

Sometimes it looks like there are a lot of music school dropouts. Unfortunately for them, the law, sometimes called the “Word of God”, says that they must finish school and pass all their tests at the 100% level.

The truant officers like St. Peter and Mr. Lucifer are very strict. Fortunately for us we have all the lifetimes we want to get through school. I have heard of people who have been studying for several million years.

Sometimes our personalities do not understand they are in music school. Our personalities like to make up stories, rearrange things, and spend a lot of time looking good for other personalities. They can’t understand when things sometimes go wrong.

Personalities need to understand their problems are just dissonance’s seeking resonance. They have a special opportunity to learn about a new level of energy and make a quantum leap in awareness.

Unfortunately when personalities are having problems they are considered a judgment of the personality. Sometimes personalities go to a professional personality person, and this really means their personality is in trouble and their neighbors better not find out!

Personalities need to be told that experiencing dissonance is a natural state. Dissonance is beautiful. During dissonance we are like a caterpillar becoming a butterfly. We are getting ready to transform into a new form.

Instead personalities are often times told something is wrong with them. Than when other misinformed personalities hear about personality dissonances and divide the world into healthy personalities and sick personalities. With this kind of environment it’s not surprising that everybody tries to hide their dissonance and act consonant. I call it the “Who me have dissonance!” or the “Alfred E. Newman syndrome”.

Personalities sooner or later learn that it is impossible to hide dissonance. Hidden dissonance sneaks out and attracts more dissonance. Some personalities even come to understand the old saying that what you resist will persist.

When we try to hide our dissonance It doesn’t take long before more dissonant friends show up. They want to have dissonance fun. When a nice person withholding anger meets another nice person withholding anger they have a good time blaming each other in a nice way. Sometimes they even forget they are nice people and blow up. Than they say “That wasn’t me.”

When dissonance is pushed into your body it causes different organs to vibrate in dysfunctional ways. Eventually you get a physical dis-ease. Than you say “How did I catch that?”

Than one day, usually in the middle of a crisis, a voice begins to whisper and we listen.

“My dearest one you are a being of Sound composed of many tones. Your body’s shape, movements, desires, motivations, and wellness are determined by your inner concert. The source of your concert is a core of Sound beyond your wants and desires. Listen and the Sound will heal you.”

* This is Music School. Everything you know and feel is Sound. Learn to dance with your dissonance’s. Your partners may look strange. You may feel them as anger, grief, sadness, fear, and despair. However once you listen they will transform into beautiful sounds.

* The Spiritual concert is everywhere. When you dance your body organs will make sounds and your muscles will play the correct tones. Your voice will sing praises and the stars will shine upon you.

* Use your ears – Graduation day is near.”

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