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The Many Benefits of Yoga Stretching


The Many Benefits of Yoga Stretching

Stretching your schedule to fit your yoga time in could ultimately make you much more productive, as well as greatly improve your health and fitness level, which would add an element of relaxation to that schedule itself!

If these sound like things you’d say if someone suggested a yoga class to you, then you need to read on and find out why doing yoga is exactly the extra thing you should stretch your busy schedule to include …

Stretching to boost that body

Despite the fact that many of us feel like we spend the day rushing about, the truth is that we are spending far too much time at our computers, desks and work stations or sitting about on uncomfortable commuter journeys, all of  which leave us susceptible to short-term body aches, pains and niggles and long-term posture damage. 

A yoga class offers the opportunity to remedy aches and pains from a tense, sedentary body which has been hunched over a desk or computer for too long …

In the short term: those aches will diminish as the muscles relax and are stretched rather than spasm and cramp in response to tension.

In the long term: as muscles respond, relax and repair, posture will improve overall, reducing the risk of further injury from still needing to be at that computer for work.  You would also find that your core strength improves and your body firms up as a result of the sessions, all of which also strengthens your body’s resistance to prolonged posture damage.  

Oh and that other cost of the short-term, long-term damage to our bodies, the cost to our pockets? 

Yoga instructor training includes extensive modules on anatomy, so if you do have specific problem areas your yoga instructor will know which stretches will be the most beneficial; believe me, a weekly yoga class run by a fully qualified yoga instructor is actually far cheaper than a series of visits to a chiropractor!

The Many Benefits of Yoga StretchingStretching to expand that mind

A brain that’s constantly buzzing with activity, deadlines, schedules and to-do lists will quickly become fatigued. 

Add to this any work stress and overtime and your brain can rapidly show signs of running down into a burn-out: confusion, poor memory and a general inability to think clearly are all signs of a brain that’s becoming overwhelmed and overtired by constant activity.

Yoga offers the chance to give to relax and stretch our busy brains.  It’s not about stretching out to consider the meaning of life or the universe (unless you want to) but it is about putting that work-brain on hold for a moment and just letting your brain unwind, your mind wander and maybe even find yourself in there!  

When was the last time you were able to set your mind free in this way?

Stretching to achieve balance

Within our busy lives, most of us end up doing extra work or spend time thinking about work as we busily schedule our other, domestic, life around it. 

As a result, our domestic lives often mirror our work schedules because we’re trying to organize and carry out all of those domestic have-tos amongst our paid work, leaving us in a situation of very little life / work balance – even when we’re not actually at work. 

All of this adds up to stress and an imbalance which reduces our performance as well as our well-being in all aspects of our lives.

The Many Benefits of Yoga StretchingBy contrast, time spent at a yoga class is time set aside from all demands, where both body and mind can regain some balance before the next onslaught of either domestic or work activity.

Whilst these holistic benefits can again be felt very quickly, often after just one class, it’s the long-term benefits of yoga classes, including that improved posture, time to press pause on the brain and bring back a sense of balance to your life which really makes that extra effort to do it worthwhile. 

When you consider it that way, stretching that schedule to fit your yoga time in could ultimately make you much more productive, which would add an element of relaxation to that schedule itself!  So, ready to schedule in some yoga and you time, now?

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