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Make Your Own Aroma Spray


Make Your Own Aroma SprayGiven the rising costs of aroma sprays, spritzers, misters, and other olfactory delights, it is now becoming clearer that making your own is not only cheaper, but more fun!

This simple formula will help you create a delightful aroma-therapeutic spray in just under a few minutes.

With the recent popularity in aromatherapy and related products falling under the guise of aromatherapy, we felt it was time to share some of the basics involved with preparing the easily crafted aroma spray.

Most aroma sprays typically cost around $9-12.00 for a small 1 to 4 ounce bottle.

From experience we can tell you that most of those dollars were used for packaging, marketing, labor, advertising, etc, and very little went into the raw goods. In fact, making your own blends is very economical, and you can customer create blends for yourself, your friends and family.

First, create a list of your favorite essential oils, or those oils that you think may combine well together.

Be certain that you are aware of any potential hazards or precautions involved with those oils first before using them.

How to Make an Aroma Spray

1. Mix your choice of oils in a small glass container, bottle or vial.

2. Use a separate 8 ounce glass or plastic bottle (or other container), and fill it up with 7 ounces of spring water, and 1 ounce of Witch Hazel extract (alcohol distilled). You may also substitute a Hydrosol (flower water) for some or all of the spring water. Hydrosols add their own aroma and have therapeutic properties.

3. Pour 1 ml of your essential oil blend into the 8 ounce container and shake vigorously.

4. The oils may separate a little bit, but if the Witch Hazel extract is doing its job, there should be very little separation. If this occurs, simply shake well before each use.

5. Pour into bottles and attach a mister or spray pump. We especially recommend using a colored glass bottle, such as amber or cobalt, as they will help prevent from light deterioration.

6. Get creative with the packaging! Add ribbons, yarn, twine, fresh or dried herbs, or other embellishments, and make your own labels from handmade or decorative papers. Draw on the labels, use rubber stamps, or use clipart images.

Please note that the above recipe is completely arbitrary, and the amount and types of essential oil you use is completely up to you. Experimenting with a recipe is the most enjoyable part of creation!

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    […] Given the rising costs of aroma sprays, spritzers, misters, and other olfactory delights, it is now becoming clearer that making your own is not only cheaper, but more fun! […]

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