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How Too Much Technology In Your Home Affects Your Children


Technology isn’t necessarily bad, but it’s everyplace. Today’s younger generation knows their way around all sorts of technical contraptions. Cell phones, iPods, Blackberries and so on find their way into children’s hands and from there to the dinner table, bedroom, living room, and everywhere else in the home. Children can literally spend all day on their T-Mobile Blackberry Bold, whether they’re playing games or texting to their friends.

Then there’s the computer itself – whether desktop or laptop, youthful folks spend time connected to social networks and in chatrooms.

So how does all this technology bear upon your children?  Regrettably, there are a few negative impacts of too much technology in the household.


It is distressing but true – predators abound online. The more time your kid spends online exchanging data and browsing the internet, the more likely it is that he or she will come across a cyber-predator or bully. The internet universe opens the doorway for all types of abuse, as perpetrators may act secretly.

Child Development

The power to reason critically appears to be bore on by technology. This might be because technological activities tend to decrease the attention span, making it more difficult for children to focus long enough to work out a complicated problem.


It might appear like a beneficial thing that children stay linked up thru technology. After all, it is easier to stay in contact with greater numbers of folks when physical proximity is irrelevant. Some experts are worried that the superficial and public nature of technological communication keeps “true” friendships from growing.

These experts argue that forging close, personal relationships in childhood is crucial to shaping healthy adult relationships – interacting with friends personally permits kids to pick up body language, the art of conversation and similar crucial relational elements. Online, even tone of voice is lost.


Obesity among kids is ascending at an horrifying rate. It’s been stated that a lot more kids might in reality be obese and not considered as such, because we have become so used to overweight kids that we do not recognize what a normal kid looks like.

Technology, while a valuable tool, demands children to sit still and “vege out.” They’re not running around, fiddling outside, or performing other active things while absorbed in their technological universe. Also, children tend to snack when they’re viewing television, playing video games and so forth. The combination of burning few calories and taking a lot of calories in is a formula for obesity.

Electromagnetic radiation exposure is a different health worry with technology. Concerns have been brought up about kids developing nervous systems and the lifetime of exposure that can be experienced by kids who begin so young with electronics. Cell phones are of primary concern, since the exposure is close to the brain tissue.

Nature Deprivation

There’s actually a name for what happens to kids when they don’t get out into nature: Nature-Deficit Disorder (NDD). While somewhat arguable, the term relates to troubles such as depression and obesity that are symptomatic of too much time passed inside in front of a screen.

It can not be denied that a kid in front of a screen isn’t outdoors relishing the natural world; even with a mobile device, sitting down in the woods texting isn’t the same as taking a hike, taking in the scenery and searching below rocks and logs.

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