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How To Teach Your Child About Different Cultures


It is so important for a child’s development for him or her to learn about other cultures. Thanks to increased technology, travel, and high-speed communication, we operate inside a global system of economics, politics, and trade. Starting to integrate with and appreciate other cultures at an early age makes it easy and entertaining. Here are a few ways to teach your kid about cultures that are unlike his or her own.

1. Food
This is a very entertaining way to learn about other cultures. Look on the internet or in culture-specific cookbooks to assemble a meal from another country. Make certain to allow your kid to help in whatever ways are appropriate for his or her age. When you serve up the meal, try to do so in a way that reflects the culture you’re learning about. For instance, if you cooked a Japanese meal, consume it at a low table while seated on cushions. If you cooked Indian food, use solely your right hand for eating and passing the food around (in Indian culture, the left hand is considered dirty).

2. Crafts
Crafts can take numerous forms, all of which may be amusing, hands-on learning experiences. Research the varieties of jewelry worn by the citizenry in other countries and construct your personal versions. Make a miniature igloo out of ice cubes, or a teepee out of twigs and paper or sheets of leather. Use construction paper to construct flags of other countries.

3. Read books
Your local librarian can help you discover books on all sorts of different cultures. Sit down with your kid and look at the clothes, climate, and dwellings depicted in the images. Discuss cultural taboos and manners, and act a few of those out in your house for a day.

4. Music
Get some compact discs at your local library and listen to music from other countries and cultures. Music is extremely variable around the Earth, and brings other countries alive. Learn different dances jointly. If possible, find some instruments to play that are from other cultures (drums are good cross-cultural instruments: Celtic drums, bongos, steel drums, and so on.).

5. Dress up
Improvise some appareling that reflects a particular culture.

6. Learn a couple of new words
It does not take too long to memorize a couple of foreign words. You and your kid may have fun using your special words for a day – say “Grazie” for “Thank you” in Italian; greet one another with “Bonjour” if you’re learning about France, and so on.

7. Holidays and feasts
Cultures celebrate all sorts of special holidays and feast days. Jewish folks have numerous interesting feasts and celebrations throughout the year; the Chinese New Year is another amusing celebration.

Therefore do some research, become imaginative, and have fun!

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