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No baking required for this easy Halloween treat that the kids will love to prepare.

Supplies Needed:

How to Make Easy Spider Cookies

  • Oreo cookies for the body
  • Thin licorice, cut in short pieces, for the legs
  • Colored candies for eyes
  • Icing to keep things together

Step 1: Add the Legs

Open the Oreo cookie and carefully place the licorice to create the legs. Press down slightly, so the licorice will stay in place.

How to Make Easy Spider Cookies

Put the cookie back on top. If the cookie won’t stay, dab some icing in the middle of the cookie.

How to Make Easy Spider Cookies

Step 2: Add the Eyes

To add the eyes, dap some icing in the appropriate position on top of the cookie.

How to Make Easy Spider Cookies

Then carefully place the candies on top of the icing to complete the eyes.

How to Make Easy Spider Cookies

Place on festive plate and serve.

How to Make Easy Spider Cookies

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