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Home Remedies for Warts


Warts can appear on any part of the body including the genital area.  They are found most often on the hands or feet.  They appear as rough patches of skin and have dark borders.

They are common in the general population affecting 75 percent at some point in their lifetime.  Men and women are both affected equally and people of all ages are equally susceptible.  They can appear singly or as a cluster.

Warts are caused by the human papilloma virus.  Most warts appear ugly but are usually not painful or serious.  Since they appear on the hands and feet most often, they are unsightly and warts can be spread.

It is important to avoid touching the warts with your hands then touching other parts of your body.  Sharing clothes, towels, or other articles used by the affected person can spread them to other people.

Genital warts are common among the younger population and can be passed through intercourse.  They appear around the vulva, vagina, scrotum, penis and anus.  They will cause a burning or itching sensation.  A person may have genital warts and not experience any symptoms for years.

Many people have duct tape readily available and here is a great cure for warts using duct tape.  It may take a few days but this remedy has proven 80 percent effective in healing warts especially on the feet.  Put a piece of the tape over the wart and leave it on for at least six days.

Remove the tape after those days and soak the wart in warm water for five minutes.  After the wart dries, repeat the duct tape therapy.  It can take about two months for the wart to disappear but is especially effective for small warts in one treatment.

Another home remedy that was used by my grandma on a cluster or seed wart worked and it never reappeared.  The wart was soaked in warm water, which was a good reason for me to need to wash the dishes, and then soaked in iodine.  She tipped the iodine bottle directly over the water with the top against the skin.  This method was used every time my hand was in water.  The wart disappeared in a few weeks, and I have never had another one.

Vitamin C tablets, crushed and mixed with a couple of drops of water can be used as a paste to apply to the wart.  Soak the affected area, and then apply the mixture.  Wrap it, or cover the wart with a band-aid for a day.  The high acidity content helps destroy the HPV virus that causes warts.

Another popular home cure uses a banana peel.  Use the peel of the banana placed over the wart and covered with a bandage.  Leave it in place for about four days.  Place a plastic bag over the foot when you shower.  Patients who have used this method swear when they take the bandage off the wart and the banana peel is gone!

If you have genital warts, do not use these methods without consulting a doctor.

Getting Rid of Warts Naturally

H-Warts Formula is a natural product containing carefully selected homeopathic ingredients and aids in the treatment of warts. Thuja occidentalis is used locally for warts symptoms and has a specific antibacterial action.

Everyone responds differently – the warts may change in color, size and/or appearance and begin to flake away.

H-Warts Formula begins to work quickly! The process does vary based on the size and number of warts. The warts may change in color, size and/or appearance and begin to flake away.

You can expect to see results in a week or two. Some stubborn warts may take a little longer to be completely removed.

The homeopathic constituents in H-Warts Formula are manufactured according to the specifications in the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States (HPUS) and are monographed for use as homeopathic ingredients.

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