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Home Food Safety – Know What You Are Eating


Home Food Safety - Know What You Are EatingInterestingly, while we pay special attention to the quality of the food when we eat at commercial food joints, often we overlook food safety and quality when eating at home.

Simply preparing the food at home does not mean that the meal is safe for consumption.

We have to keep certain tips in mind when looking to make our home food safe.

Tips for Home Food Safety:

Purchase intelligently – When buying food, make sure you go in to the fine print of the label and always look at the expiration date too. This will help you pick up food products in a more informed fashion thus keeping food safety high.

Store the food properly – Of course we must pay attention to the quality of the food when we buy it, but it is also important that we store the food properly once we bring it home. The meats need freezing, while the dry and canned goods can be stored in the food cupboard.

Vegetables and eggs need to be refrigerated, as do butter and milk. Learning how to store the food properly will ensure that it stays safe for consumption. To learn how to properly freeze fruits and veggies, click 4b2807b9.

Use proper cooking methods – Not cooking the food in the right way can spoil much more than its taste. Under-cook meats, eggs or even vegetables and you could end up with some serious bacteria in your system.

Maintain cleanliness – Remember that germs are all over your food and kitchen too. Fruits, vegetables and meats need to be washed thoroughly before consuming them. All utensils must be clean and even stirrers and cleaning cloths must be washed properly.

It will also help to keep shoes outside of the cooking area and wash your hands before starting to cook. For some great tips on how to keep your home and kitchen clean using natural cleaners, click 711dcdc4.

1c1906c2Employ leftover management – Bacteria and leftovers go hand in hand. So, it is important to make sure that the leftovers are stored properly, re-heated up to at least 160 degrees before consumption and of course, consumed in a timely manner.

Re-heating leftovers more than once or twice can also lead to issues with food safety. Read more on ways and ideas to use leftovers 283dcb79.

Learn to identify spoiled food – Different foods rot in different ways. So while milk may taste sour, tomatoes will begin to go soft and smell. Cheese on the other hand could turn patchy and eggs give out a strong offensive odor.

Learning to catch the signs of food going bad will help to avoid these foods and stay safe.

It is a good idea to always keep activated charcoal in the home for cases of food poisonings. It is one of the best remedies to help stop the vomiting and get the ‘bad stuff’ out of your digestive tract. Learn more about the benefits of activated charcoal 7b9d35e1.

Oh, and don’t forget food safety at the office! Click b808fbb5 to learn how to keep your ‘second dinner table’ safe!

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