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Cystitis is also known as a UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) and is a term that is used to describe many different types of infections that can occur in the lower urinary tract.

Cystitis is caused by bacteria that comes from the urethra and ends up in the bladder. It is rather easy to get an infection in the bladder because the urethra is close to the anus.

Cystitis is more common in women because their urethra is not as long as men’s.

Women who are pregnant, active sexually or in the middle of menopause are more likely to have cystitis. Nevertheless, it can affect any age of both men or women.

Cystitis in men is often caused by an enlarged prostrate and should be addressed right away because it can become dangerous.

When cystitis keeps recurring then you should go see a doctor. A mild case of it can be treated at home when it is acute. There are many different ways to treat cystitis from alternative therapies to prescription drugs.

Diagnosis of Cystitis

Diagnosis of cystitis is largely made by taking a close look at the symptoms which include: feeling like you need to urinate every couple minutes, discomfort, severe pain in the lower abdomen, blood in the urine and urine with a strong odor.

If you decide to go to the doctor they are likely to take a urine sample and test it in order to identify which bacteria are present.

If you are dealing with chronic cystitis, you might need to be X-rayed, get an ultrasound or have a cytosopy (examination of the bladder with a tiny camera).

It is very important for women to wipe themselves from front to back to avoid spreading bacteria. Unfortunately, the use of a catheter makes it much easier to get a bladder infection.

Women who are pregnant are more likely to have bacteria in their urine because it is sometimes hard for them to empty their bladder all the way. This creates a breeding ground for bacteria.

Similar symptoms often come from venereal diseases such as chlamydia and gonorrhea. Make sure that you go back to your doctor if the treatment they are giving you has not produced results. You might be dealing with something else entirely.

Herbs for Cystitis

There are several herbs that can be used to treat cystitis. Buchu, St. John’s Wort, Lemon balm, Uva-Ursi and Echinacea Angustifolia can all be used to treat your bladder infection at the source.

One of the biggest advantages to using herbs is that you can avoid using antibiotics and building up antibiotic resistance.

Effective Herbal Treatment for UTI

UTI-Clear is a safe, proven, clinically developed herbal formula that clears and prevents bladder infections, cystitis, and UTI (urinary tract infections).

UTI-Clear is a better solution than antibiotics which, over time, become less effective as you develop a tolerance for them. Being natural, with no artificial preservatives, UTI-Clear is safe for adults and children, is non-addictive and has NO SIDE EFFECTS.

It has become the formula of choice by thousands of satisfied customers around the world for treating and preventing cystitis, bladder and urinary tract infections.

UTI-Clear was formulated by the Native Remedies team of experts in natural medicine and is pharmaceutically manufactured to the highest standards.

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