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Herbal Remedies for UTI


The use of antibiotics, for UTI or any other condition can have side effects and if not checked in time can lead to further complications. Moreover, bacteria get used to the common antibiotics and it is not easy to research and invent antibiotics for newer strains of bacteria fast enough.

There are quite a few herbal remedies that prove very effective in preventing and treating urinary tract infections. Herbal medicines coupled with a change in style of living and some help from a supportive system can work wonders in many cases.

For urinary tract infection cure as well as bladder infection treatment there are some commonly accepted herbs that have been clinically proved. Herbal remedies can be taken in different forms as well as by mixing them in water while taking a Sitz bath.

While choosing an herbal remedy, it is better to use only those of high quality and authentic formula extracts to avoid synthetic content to bind or fill. Most herbs can be taken as tea, in capsule form, or as a tincture diluted in water.

Goldenseal root and Uva Ursi work as an antimicrobial agent and an antiseptic with soothing and strengthening attributes, respectively. Other herbs that also have a proven track record and can be considered include:

1. Cleavers (Galium aparine) for treating urinary tract infections,
2. Marshmallow root (Althea officinalis) and Usnea Lichen, for a soothing effect on the urinary tract,
3. Buchu, and Corn silk (Zea Mays) for increasing the flow of urine, and
4. Horsetail (Equisetum arvense) for its astringent and tissue healing properties.

Homoeopathy, though not directly connected to herbs in its totality, uses herbs, minerals, metals, and other organic ingredients for preparation of its remedies. Homoeopathic remedies should be taken only after consulting a qualified consultant as homoeopathy is a holistic system of curing and medication prescribed depends on the overall symptoms including the minutest of details about the patient, which would appear as irrelevant to a layman.

Diabetic patients with UTI, however, should take homoeopathic remedies only in water and not in the usual lactose pellet form. Four such homeopathic remedies for specific UTI symptoms are:

1. Cantharis, can be considered for easing “burning” pain on urination.
2. Apis mellifica, has a marked soothing effect in conditions where pain aggravates with heat.
3. Staphysagria, should be considered when sexual intercourse is painful.
4. Sarsasparilla is best for pain even after urination.

Sitz baths come under the category of hydrotherapy. They are baths where the water level in a bath is recommended to be just enough to cover buttocks, upper thighs, and lower abdomen. The baths need to include some of the herbs mentioned earlier that are antimicrobial and soothing. The specific choice of herb depends on individual symptoms.

Contrary to common belief, herbal medicines prove to be very effective if they are taken for the symptoms they are meant to cure. Although herbal remedies do not have any side effects, they should still be taken under the guidance of a trained herbal therapist.

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