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The Health Benefits of Oregano

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The Health Benefits of Oregano

Many think of oregano as the Italian spice. But, even if you are not Italian, you can use wonderful spice, enjoy its amazing flavor and the health benefits of oregano. Buon Appetito!

Facts about Oregano

Oregano is one of the most popular spices in the world. It is a Mediterranean herb that comes from the mint family. Best of all, you can grow it yourself in a small pot on your kitchen windowsill.

It is a flowering herb, with small white or pink flowers on it. What you want to eat is the leaves, which are small and oval shaped.

It is mainly used in cooking in Mediterranean countries but you can enjoy it anywhere. As with all herbs, fresh is better. Only nip off the leaves that you need for your recipes or medicinal purposes. The taste is slightly bitter but is welcomed when combined with other Mediterranean spices in your dishes.

Health Benefits of Oregano

As you grow your oregano in your herb garden or stir it in your spaghetti sauce, think about the health benefits of oregano that you are also gaining beyond great flavor for your food. It is thought of as being a functional food because it can be used in a lot of ways to flavor all types of food groups.

No Cholesterol

Oregano does not contain cholesterol. This is good for any food since we get way too much of it from the wrong sources anyway. And, it is a source of fiber. Most people have problems getting the recommended daily dose of fiber anyway, so a little oregano can go a long way.

Digestive Tract Benefits

The digestive tract is benefited from eating oregano. This herb gets things moving in your intestines and also increases secretions that break down foods and move them along towards elimination or absorption.

Antioxidants & Vitamins

If you need more vitamins then eat oregano. It contains antioxidants which the body needs to fight off the harmful effects of free radicals, the by-products of cellular metabolism. Vitamin C is also found in this herb which helps to boost the immune system and fight inflammation.

Besides vitamin C, you can also find: vitamin A, manganese, calcium, potassium, lutein, carotene, iron and magnesium. These vitamins and minerals help regulate blood pressure, heart rate, cell function, enzyme activity and proper bone growth.

Additional Benefits

If you have any physical problems, oregano leaves can be used for many of those as well. Have you ever heard of oils like limonene or thymol? These and others are found in the leaves and flower stems of oregano plants. They have antiseptic, antifungal and antibacterial properties. Concentrated oregano essential oils are used to help relieve menstrual cramps, stomach pains, and fevers.

Buy an oregano plant today and begin enjoying the health benefits of oregano!

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Health Benefits Of Oregano

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