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Essential Items for a Car First-Aid Kit


Essential Items for a Car First-Aid KitWhile many of us have a first aid kit at home, we tend to forget to keep one in the car. Accidents can happen while you are in the car too.

You may not be close to home or close to a pharmacy when you need emergency supplies. First aid kits are important for small injuries that may happen away from home.

Whether it is for minor wounds, or temporary management of serious injuries in a car accident, the first aid kit is an important safety tool to always carry in your vehicle.


It is important that you should choose a transparent box to keep the first aid supplies in. A transparent box helps in figuring out where what is kept when you are in a hurry.

Rummaging through an opaque bag or box becomes very difficult when you are already stressed or anxious about the accident or the wound.

Basic Ingredients

Some of the basic ingredients of a first aid kit include cotton, adhesive bandages, elastic bandage for sprains/strains, sterile gauze pads and roll, hydrocortisone cream, antiseptic, pain relieving medicine (oral and local), antibiotic ointment, fever controlling medicine, thermometer, hand sanitizer, tweezers, scissors, needle, and sterile gloves. These will take care of small cuts and wounds, insect bites and burns too.

If there is space, you may want to include an over-the-counter product to ease burning sensations from a sunburn or insect sting, and plain saline solution to use as an eye wash. Also make sure that you include different sizes of adhesive bandages to cater to different sizes of wounds.

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Pediatric Medicines

Some of the medicines mentioned above can only be used for adults. Include pain relief and fever controlling medicine meant specifically for kids in the kit. Baby wipes, medicine cup and any other prescribed medicines should also be included.

Specific Medicines

Essential Items for a Car First-Aid KitSome people in the family may be on specific medication for specific medical conditions. Make sure to include those in the first aid kit also.

At times when you may get lost or delayed, these medicines can come in handy since most of them need to be taken at specific times. Motion sickness asthma medicines, anti-allergy medicines and hypertension pills are some common ones.

Other Supplies

While the above mentioned items are mainly related to medical care, you also need other supplies when you are out in the open. A blanket, a bottle of water, a match box, flashlights, extra batteries, cell phone charger and hazard indication lights are also a must.

Make sure that you check the supplies in the emergency kit to ensure complete safety at all times. This will ensure that the medicines in stock are not too old or expired.

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