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A crystal’s healing properties are diverse and abundant.

Although there are many common healing properties that many crystals share, there are also specific properties that are restricted to certain families of crystals.

Healing crystals and gemstones are abundant in the world and have been used for centuries to address afflictions that affect both the mind and the body.


The diamond is often valued for its monetary value not as a crystal that has properties that can heal. Although the monetary value is probably higher than the crystal’s healing properties, many also realize the properties that it brings.

The diamond is sometimes used alone or combined with other crystals and stones to amplify their properties. This ability to amplify the properties is one aspect of the crystals healing properties.

Either worn or carried alone, the diamond is supposed to amplify the feeling and thoughts of the owner. This can be both positive and negative, depending on the mood of the wearer or bearer.

The blue light within the diamond is supposed to be beneficial for those with glaucoma while other of the crystals healing properties include positive effect on the brain and its functions as well as its state.

For men, the crystals healing properties include a positive effect on the testicles, bladder and other vital organs.


These crystals are often associated with good fortune, wealth and love. They range from a deep green color to a rich forest green, seldom on the lighter hues and more valued in their deepest darkest greens.

These crystals healing properties include the promotion of better health for the emotional state of the individual wearing it or owning it and being used as a form of divination. The crystals healing properties are also in the realm of sleep, in the form of reduced insomnia and less disturbing dreams.

The emerald can also aid in eloquence and strengthening the memory.

These crystals have a variety of colors that range from some hues of yellow, brown, green and red. These crystals healing properties includes stimulating the circulatory system fro better performance.

These can also elevate the life force and to stimulate sexuality or self awareness. Each garnet color has other specific properties that are restricted to the color.

These crystals healing properties are things that should not be taken for granted by wearing the crystals daily. There has to be a short break for cleansing the stones and crystals, which can help to revitalize them and the crystals healing properties.

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