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Colors have been used in all civilizations throughout recorded history for healing medical prolems and promoting mental and emotional health.

From the ancient Color Healing Temples of Egypt and Greece through today’s Solar energy, Color Psychology and Scientific Research, the effects of color prove to be subtle but powerful.

Colors For Common Physical Problems

* Allergies – Blue, Yellow
* Eyes – Purple or Indigo
* Pancreas – Yellow
* Arms & Legs – Use combination of all colors
* Gall Bladder – Yellow
* Poor Circulation – Red
* Asthma, Emphysema – Green & Blue
* Hair Growth – Purple or Indigo
* Nasal Problems – Blue & Yellow
* Bladder – Red
* Headache – Blue or Purple
* Rashes – Blue or Color Corresponding to that part of the body
* Bones – Yellow
* Heart Problems – Green
* Reproductive Organs – Red
* Burns – Blue
* Hemorrhoids – Red
* Skin – Blue or color corresponding to that part of the body
* Circulation and Blood – Red
* Infections & Killing Germs in General – Purple
* Sore Feet – Use Combination of all colors
* Colds, Sore throat – Blue
* Kidneys – Orange
* Spine – Yellow
* Colon – Upper – Yellow, Lower – Orange
* Liver Problems – Yellow
* Strength, Physical – Red
* Cuts – Blue, Purple or indigo
* Lungs & Bronchial Tubes – Green and Blue
* Stomach Problems – Yellow
* Diaphram & Abdomen – Yellow
* Lymph System – Blue or Yellow
* Spleen – Orange
* Ear Aches – Purple or indigo
* Menstrual Cramps – Red
* Thyroid – Blue
* Toothaches – Blue

Colors for Psychological Effects

* Balancing all Emotions & Mind – Green or use all Rainbow colors in a sequence from red thru violet then white.
* Growth of All Kinds – Green & All Rainbow Colors
* Calming – Green, Also Rainbow Sequence. (See Balancing)
* Broken Heart, Loss – Light Blue and Green, Pink
* Clear Communications – Blue
* Love – Green, Pink or White
* Confidence – All Rainbow Colors, with emphasis on Yellow. (See Balance)
* Patience – Blue & Green, Pink
* Confusion, Indecision, concentration – Yellow
* Protection from Others Emotions – Circle of White light or string, etc. or mental image
* Depression – Yellow, Pink (Avoid Dark Blue, Grey, & Black)
* Relationship Harmony – Blues & Greens
* Developing ESP – Indigo, Purple, or Violet
* Releasing Unwanted Habits/Emotions – Silver, Topaz (yellow) & Amethyst (purple)
* General Energy Level – Orange (Caffeine & Alcohol drain energy)
* Low Sex Drive – Red &/or Orange
* Spiritual Growth – Indigo, Purple and/or Violet
* Universal Healing Colors – Good for healing all areas: White & Especially Blue

Suggested Sources For Each Color

There are many more colors and many possible sources for the colors we need. Here are some recommended sources for the most frequently used colors:

* White – Candles, Light, Flowers, Morning Sunlight
* Green – Plants, Foods, Forests, Lighting, Imagery
* Violet – Light, Candles, Images, Color-treated water
* Yellow – Foods, Sun, Lighting, Sheets, Clothes, Candles, Imagery
* Indigo or Purple – Light, Clothes, Imagery, Candles and awater treated with purple light.
* Orange – Foods, Clothes, Flowers, Lighting
* Blue – Hot packs, Water, Clothes, Sheets, Lighting , Imagery, Etc.
* Red – Clothes, Cranberry Juice, Candles, Red Rose Tea.

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