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Causes and Natural Treatment of Knee Pain and Swelling

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When a knee becomes swollen it causes proper movement to become extremely difficult. It is likely that it also causes stiffness, pain and tightness in the joint.

Medical professionals see more patients with swollen knees than any other type of knee problem.

It is especially important to see a doctor if you have been experiencing swelling for more than 48 hours or are having a lot of pain with the inflammation.

Arthritis is the single most common cause of knee swelling. There are also a number of other things that can cause inflammation including: infection, cruciate ligament tear, injury, meniscal tear, strain during exercise, collateral ligament tear, softening of the cartilage, fluid build up due to infection, tendonitis, bursitis and gout.

A visit to the doctor is likely to result in a prescription anti-inflammatory and possibly a pain killer. Make sure that you look closely at the side effects because they are often worse than the knee pain, itself.

Today, many people are using natural and homeopathic remedies to deal with joint discomfort. There are a wide variety of options to choose from. Magnesium phosphoricum and Matricaria recutita will both help you with inflammation and also ease the pain in your knees. Bryonia and Berberis are also known for their pain relief qualities.

Arnica can be taken to give you a head start on the healing process. It benefits the connective tissue, bones and cartilage. Dulcamara should be used if you are experiencing inflammation and is especially useful when arthritis is involved.

It is really important to try and not put too much weight on your knee until the swelling has gone down. If you do, then you are likely prolonging the healing process or causing it to be injured further.

Cold can be really useful when inflammation is experienced. Wrap some ice inside a cloth and apply it to your knee for twenty minutes. Make sure that you elevate your knee above your chest while the compress is being used. Continue doing this every two to four hours, as needed.

If you have arthritis in your knee then make sure that you spend a few minutes each day doing light exercises that encourage a wider range of knee movement. Exercising will keep your knee warm and the muscles stretched. Doing this is even more useful after long periods of rest.

Obesity is a major cause of knee problems because of the added stress they put on the joints. If you have a weight problem then it is important to get on a diet right away not only for the health of your knees but the health of the rest of your body, too!

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