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Finding Ways Past Passive Aggressive Behavior

When somebody is feeling stressed it is possible for them to end up displaying passive aggressive behavior, or passive avoidance behavior. Instead of dealing with their emotions in constructive ways, a person displaying this type of behavior is likely to act out indirectly and in disruptive ways. These types of behavior are often very strange. […]

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Positive Effects of Autogenic Training

It’s no secret that stress is damaging to your physical and mental welfare. Autogenic training might extend a little assistance in that area. It’s been exploited to help diminish stress symptoms in the body. What Is Autogenic Training? Autogenic training is a type of stress reduction technique. It acts by helping you to attain a […]

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Natural Anxiety Relief

Anxiety is a common phenomenon among people from all walks of life. The key is in recognizing that you are overtaken by anxiety and thus crippled momentarily to think cohesively – tackling this problem at its source is imperative. Since there are many reasons for anxiety attacks, treatments should specific. Anxiety Relief – Going Natural […]

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Chakra Balancing Meditation

To balance your chakras through meditation, simply concentrate on each chakra beginning at the base chakra. Visualize the chakra as a sphere spinning and visualize bringing white light directly into the sphere until the sphere is full of the white light… Picture the white light cleansing the sphere and removing all of the negativity within […]

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Meditation Techniques

Mantra Meditation : In this the Lord’s name is repeated continuously either mentally or in a whisper. There are certain “mantras” which are said to be extremely powerful in their benefits. They may be repeated in this form of meditation. Yogic gaze (Trataka): Stare at an object such as a candle flame, a physical object […]

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Stress Management Tools You Can Use

Could you use some stress management tools to handle what stresses life throws at you? You know that stress can come from all angles including work, school, relationships, social gatherings, family, peers and even from yourself. Stress can be good in small amounts but dangerous to your health in large amounts. You can encounter physical, […]

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