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how to help teen cope with stress

How to Help Your Teen Cope with Stress

If your teenager is anything like other teenagers, they have almost every moment of their day mapped out. Even if they like keeping busy or are participating in activities that they like, it can still be a source of stress for them. Help them to manage their activities so that stress works for them instead […]

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Living a Healthy Lifestyle: The Many Health Hazards of Smoking

We have all discovered over the years that smoking is a high-risk habit to start. Most start smoking during their teenage years when they do not mind a little rebellion. But, there are health hazards linked with smoking that everybody needs to be cognisant of prior to starting. The Surgeon General’s warning has not persuaded […]

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Gaining Mindfulness Through Meditation

Find out how to begin the healing… Meditation is a discipline where the mind’s intent is to gain focus and concentration power, while at the same time touching a higher state of consciousness. The idea behind meditation is to relax the body and focus thoughts on one thing for a sustained period of time. The […]

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The Power of Present Moment Thinking

Sometimes I think my little brother teaches me more than I teach him. One of the best lessons he demonstrates is how to use time. He has a thousand activities: biking, snowboarding, playing video games, reading, listening to music. He jumps from one to another with great enthusiasm. He never wants to go to sleep, […]

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Chakra Balancing Meditation

To balance your chakras through meditation, simply concentrate on each chakra beginning at the base chakra. Visualize the chakra as a sphere spinning and visualize bringing white light directly into the sphere until the sphere is full of the white light… Picture the white light cleansing the sphere and removing all of the negativity within […]

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