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Nutrition and Supplements for Anxiety

We all have fears and worries but when they begin to dominate our life and our behavior, and become the focal point in which everything revolves, that’s anxiety. Many factors can contribute; trauma, chemical sensitivity, caffeine, heredity, drugs, alcohol, lifestyle choices. If you cannot change the situation that is the focus of anxiety, try to […]

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How to Achieve Anxiety Relief With Alternative Therapy

If this article caught your attention, at least a few things are pretty certain: You have likely experienced tragedy, pain, or financial difficulties, and you’ve been through the emotionally troubling and devastating times that so often accompany these passages through life. Finding remedies for anxiety relief is easier than you may think. Wondering “why?” “how […]

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Physical Symptoms of Anxiety, Panic Attacks

Panic attacks strike without warning, without obvious reasons and brings an overwhelming fear. It is far more intense that a feeling of being stressed out than what most people experience. Instead of stress people who experience panic attacks find the experience terrifying. The number of people who suffer from panic attacks are rather large. The […]

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Dealing With Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Anxiety and panic attacks Anxiety and Panic Disorders are becoming more and more common in modern life. Although exact figures are hard to come by, it is estimated that up to 6.5% of the population has suffered from a diagnosable Anxiety Disorder, while many more people struggle with uncomfortable and distressing symptoms of stress and […]

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