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how to help teen cope with stress

How to Help Your Teen Cope with Stress

If your teenager is anything like other teenagers, they have almost every moment of their day mapped out. Even if they like keeping busy or are participating in activities that they like, it can still be a source of stress for them. Help them to manage their activities so that stress works for them instead […]

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ADD And It's Effect On Adults

ADD and It’s Effect on Adults

ADD not only affects children but it can affect adults, too. The group of symptoms that make up ADD cause a person to find it difficult to concentrate and often leads to other social problems. An adult with ADD is likely to find following directions, concentrating, organizing, remembering things and finishing work within time limits […]

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Physical Symptoms of Anxiety, Panic Attacks

Physical Symptoms of Anxiety, Panic Attacks

Panic attacks strike without warning, without obvious reasons and brings an overwhelming fear. It is far more intense that a feeling of being stressed out than what most people experience. Instead of stress people who experience panic attacks find the experience terrifying. The number of people who suffer from panic attacks are rather large. The […]

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Flower Wisdom

Since the dawn of time flowers and herbs have been a precious part of our lives, many years ago in ancient times flowers were used not just for their decorative beauty and delicate perfumes, but they were also used to make remedies to heal and protect against illness. Although many of the remedies and ointments […]

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Don’t Let ADD, ADHD Compromise Your Job

Tips for Adults in the Workplace Teachers aren’t the only ones suffering effects from their students with ADD/ADHD… employers also feel the consequences of the 3 to 4 percent of adults worldwide with the disorder. Studies from survey data from the Harvard Medical School in Boston show that on average, adults with ADHD lose three […]

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