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Top 5 Ways to Secure Your Home

Based upon FBI statistics, a break in takes place in the U . S . every 15 seconds. In excess of $1500 is taken on an average and the event leaves home owners rattled and worried for years to come. Home security should subsequently be one of the primary considerations of any household. It is […]

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Prepare Your Kids for Emergency Situations

Prepare Your Kids for Emergency Situations

Unfortunately, in today’s society, you have to prepare your children for emergency situations of all types. While you do not want to scare them, it is necessary for them to be well aware of dangerous situations and how they can protect themselves. There are several arenas where we will have to teach our children about […]

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16 Hazardous Chemicals Found in the Home

Many household chemicals are dangerous, even if they are not classified as toxic. They may be safe to use as directed but become dangerous with improper use. Some may only become dangerous as they break down over time. While we certainly cannot avoid being exposed to environmental chemicals on a whole, we can reduce the […]

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Home Food Safety – Know What You Are Eating

Interestingly, while we pay special attention to the quality of the food when we eat at commercial food joints, often we overlook food safety and quality when eating at home. Simply preparing the food at home does not mean that the meal is safe for consumption. We have to keep certain tips in mind when […]

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Safe at Home: Ensuring the Safety of Your Family

Your home is your haven where you feel comfortable and secure, and it should be the last thing you should have to worry about. Thanks to technology, now you can pick and choose from a variety of home security systems, residential alarm systems, installation kits, do-it-yourself electronic goods and services, and secure your home or […]

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Inside the Mind of a Burglar

Getting inside the mind of the burglar is the best form of crime prevention. If you keep these aspects in mind when planning home security, you will be able to make the right choices, identify the weak points and therefore secure and strengthen them. The more you know about the way in which intruders and […]

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