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Harmful Chemicals Found in Your Home

It seems that harmful chemicals are everywhere. Industries have been fined for dumping them into the water supply. The dangers of pesticides used in farming have been widely publicized. And improper disposal of certain materials has caused hazards in landfills. But did you know that most of us can find multiple dangerous chemicals right in […]

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Making Valentine’s Day a Year-Round Habit

Showing your significant other that you love him or her is a lovely thing, but why does it have to happen only once a year? Many couples are discovering the art of daily demonstrations of affection, love, and respect. It doesn’t mean you have to go all-out every day; few have the resources for that! […]

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Veggie Smoothies Even Kids Will Love

Let’s see a ‘raise of hands’ – how many of you have kids who act like eating vegetables is worse than going to the dentist or doctor? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. It’s one of the most common parenting challenges out there. Parents know that kids need the nutrients that vegetables provide, but sometimes it’s […]

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Seasoning Soups and Stews

Colder weather means you may be eating more soups and stews. Do you know what seasonings are best for these dishes and when it is best to add them? Seasoning soups and stews When making soup, it is easy to fall into the habit of opening a can and heating it up. And while this […]

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Why We Do What We Do at Christmas

Christians celebrate Christmas to observe the birth of Jesus Christ, but many other activities related to celebrating the Christmas season evolved from certain traditions, many of which are from other countries, particularly from peoples in Europe. Holly and Mistletoe Among common items used in Christmas decorations are the holly and the mistletoe. Both are used […]

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The Long and Intriguing History of Christmas

Commercial activities during Christmas today are often decried as making the season too materialistic. This has caused comments that the religious aspect of Christmas is so overlooked and overshadowed that its celebration seems to be purely pagan. But today’s comparisons aren’t the first -  there is a historical link between Christmas and pagan celebrations. As […]

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Fun Christmas Eve Games

You don’t often think to play games on Christmas Eve, but playing a game or two can be a lot of fun. Christmas Gift Hide and Seek One fun game is ideally suited for anxious children, but could also be for adults, if you want to add some fun for gift giving. For children, this […]

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How to Make Easy Spider Cookies

No baking required for this easy Halloween treat that the kids will love to prepare. Supplies Needed: Oreo cookies for the body Thin licorice, cut in short pieces, for the legs Colored candies for eyes Icing to keep things together Step 1: Add the Legs Open the Oreo cookie and carefully place the licorice to […]

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