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Eating Healthy Through Holidays

It’s true, the words healthy and holidays don’t always go together. While most people do indulge a little, it’s not necessary to go off the deep end to have a great time this holiday season. To keep your waistline from expanding to Santa-proportions, use these tips to keep you on track throughout the holidays. It […]

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How to Roast the Perfect Thanksgiving Turkey

Roasting a Thanksgiving turkey is easier than it might seem. It just takes some time, so plan your day accordingly. We used a brined turkey in this recipe, so our seasonings are very simple and we added no salt since the brined contained enough salt. (Be sure to check out more of our terrific Thanksgiving […]

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Delicious Vegetarian Thanksgiving Dinner Ideas

Are you unsure how to celebrate Thanksgiving as a vegetarian? The  traditional Thanksgiving dinner highlighting Turkey as the centerpiece of its meal can definitely pose a problem for the Vegetarians in your family. But, as you can see, this doesn’t mean that the vegetarians in your life will be left nibbling at the corners of […]

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Easy Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

Making crafts is a fun way to celebrate Thanksgiving. You may not be too keen on the idea if you think crafts involve a lot of complication and mess, but there are easy Thanksgiving crafts you can do with your kids. You can even use some of them as table centerpieces. Here are some ideas. […]

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Easy Roasted Thanksgiving Turkey Breast

Low Fat Recipe Ingredients: 1 whole, fresh turkey breast, about 3 pounds 1 tablespoon olive oil 1/2 teaspoon pepper Instructions: Rinse the turkey breast under cold water. Use a paper towel to dry the turkey. Rub the turkey breast with the olive oil being sure to completely cover on all sides. Place the turkey breast […]

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