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How to Make Your Own Scary Halloween Music

How to Make Your Own Scary Halloween Music

Few things are spookier than having scary music playing at your Halloween party or during trick-or-treat. What’s even better is to customize it! With today’s software, you can make your own scary music mix, and even add sound effects. Here are some tips on how to make your own scary Halloween music: 1. Search Your […]

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Green Cooking: You Can Cook Green!

What on earth is Green Cooking? Well, we’re not referring to green cookware, nor are we talking about cooking green vegetables (although, these are very good for you!) Green cooking concerns more than the color of your foods. Genuine green cooking covers your selection of foods and how they’re cooked. Here are a few green […]

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Vampire’s Blood Punch Recipe

48 oz cranberry juice cocktail, chilled 1 liter ginger ale, chilled 1 liter lemonade, chilled Lots of ice cubes Instructions: Mix all ingredients together in a large punch bowl and add ice-cubes to chill the punch. A great punch for Halloween. Add a spooky frozen hand (made of ice) and you’ll have the perfect blood-red […]

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How to Reduce Toxic Exposure in Your Home

Now that we’ve covered how chemical and environmental toxicity is all around us, and especially in our homes, let’s take a look at some simple ways we can can reduce the amount of toxins we’re exposed to at home. To detoxify your home, properly dispose of all cleaners that you suspect are toxic, or if […]

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Fun Halloween Party Food Ideas

Getting ready for a howling Halloween party this year? Liven up your Halloween party this time around with some icky, but yummy party food. Fun Halloween party food ideas: Snot cubes Refrigerate yellow and green Jello (any flavors) in ice cube trays. Serve chilled. Worms in snot Make snot cubes, as directed above, out of […]

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Easy Halloween Treat: Spooky Eyeball Potatoes

Ingredients: 12 Baby New Potatoes (about 9 oz) 5 tbsp cream cheese, softened Pimento stuffed olives, halved 1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil Salt and black pepper Instructions: Preheat the oven to about 400degrees Fahrenheit. Scrub the potatoes and place them into a roasting pan. Toss with the olive oil and season with salt and […]

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16 Hazardous Chemicals Found in the Home

Many household chemicals are dangerous, even if they are not classified as toxic. They may be safe to use as directed but become dangerous with improper use. Some may only become dangerous as they break down over time. While we certainly cannot avoid being exposed to environmental chemicals on a whole, we can reduce the […]

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houseplants clean indoor air

How To Use House Plants to Clear Your Indoor Air

You might be surprised to know that the air inside your home could be dangerous. In fact, our indoor air is often what causes common illnesses and ailments. We spend 65% of our time in our home, which means biologic, chemical and even electrical pollutants fatigue, asthma, skin conditions, learning disabilities, ADHD, digestive issues, infertility, […]

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