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Violet Eye Cream

Tired of spending a fortune on eye creams? This recipe is great for tired,puffy, or irritated eyes – or just for day-to-day makeup removal. This exquisite formula is very popular; as a matter of fact, I just made 24 jars of cream for my dear friend Maria. The blue chamomile essential oil is expensive (approximately […]

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Natural Crows Feet Remedy

Stir enough double cream into an egg white to make the mixture spreadable. Leave on crow’s feet for at least an hour or all night if possible, wash off thoroughly when finished. Related Natural Product Nothing makes you look older than bags, dark circles and wrinkles around your eyes … But there’s a lot more […]

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Grape Facial Recipe

Grape Facial (for over-sunned faces) 1 cup green grapes 1 teaspoon honey or 1 egg yolk Crush green grapes to a pulp. Add honey or egg yolk. Leave on damp skin for 15 minutes; rinse. Would you like to learn Holistic Beauty Therapy from home? Learn more at the Alternative Healing Academy! Easy-to-handle payment plans […]

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Elderflower Water for Acne

This is good for blemished skin You will need the following; * 1 large handfull of elderflowers * 2 cups (16fl oz.) boiling water Get your dried, organic herbs, organic essential oils, bulk spices, loose leaf organic teas and aromatherapy supplies at the place where we shop – Starwest Botanicals! Rinse the elderflowers, then put […]

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Soothing Aftershave

This easy to make aftershave is sure to soothe any man’s skin. Give him a personalized gift from the heart. We are sure it will become his favorite. Ingredients: * 3 tablespoons witch hazel * 5 tablespoons cider vinegar * 5 tablespoons orange flower water * 15 drops bergamot essential/fragrance oil * 10 drops lemon […]

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Basic Cream Recipe

* 2 oz solid fat -such as Crisco (really), coconut oil, cocoa butter or lanolin * 5 oz oil -use your calendula oil for diaper rash, etc., try chamomile for face or body cream, plain almond, olive, or any other non-drying oil is fine * 2 oz distilled water -try rose or orange flower water […]

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Eye Puffiness Eraser

* 2 teaspoons grated raw potato (no skin) * 1 teaspoon moisturizer (without urea) Mix well, then apply around the eyes. Cover with cool, damp cotton or gauze for 10 to 15 minutes. Free PDF Health Ebook…!

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