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Dealing With Genital Warts

Condylomata acuminata, more commonly known as genital warts, are regarded as a sexually transmitted disease.  They appear in the genital area in the moist tissue region.  Their appearance is cauliflower-like or show up as tiny bumps that are flesh colored.  They may also grow together to form a group. These growths can appear anywhere in […]

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Prostate Problems and BPH

If you are experiencing one or more than one of the following symptoms, you may be suffering from an enlarged prostate: Frequent or sudden need to urinate Frequent waking up to urinate at night Weak, variable, or dribbling urine stream Need to strain or push bladder to urinate Difficulty beginning urination Feeling that your bladder […]

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Treatment for Genital Warts

Genital warts are soft warts like growths that appear on the genitals and are caused by the same virus that causes warts on other parts of the body-human papilloma virus or HPV. Genital warts are the type of sexually transmitted disease which brings with it an increased risk of cervical cancer for women.  There are […]

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Stress Could Be a Factor in Infertility

If you’re having trouble getting pregnant, you already know that conceiving can be a stressful situation.  If you aren’t successful after a few months, you may start to worry.  For some people, that worry leads to stress that can take over your whole life.  But could that stress be what’s actually keeping you from getting […]

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