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Relieving the Misery of Sinusitis

Sinusitis is a rather nasty condition that causes the lining of the sinus passages to become inflamed and is caused by bacteria. The sinuses are right behind your jawbone, eyebrows and cheeks. Under normal circumstances this bacteria is removed by mucous and tiny cilia, or hairs. This normally works very well and all of the […]

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Asthma Signs and Symptoms

Asthma is a chronic condition that affects the respiratory system of tens of thousands of people around the world. Sufferers often describe an episode or attack as feeling like a metal band tightening around their chest. Asthma signs and symptoms are varied depending upon the individual and their specific response to allergens. There are common […]

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Asthma Remedies

Asthma attacks occur when there is inflammation of the air passage or bronchial tubes. Asthma is considered as a chronic health condition but even if you have it, you can effectively manage and control it with the help of your doctor. Since the airways are affected, you will experience difficult in breathing. The attacks can […]

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Causes, Symptoms and Treatment of Dyspnea

Dyspnea is the medical term used to describe feeling of breathlessness, inadequate or difficult breathing. Being short of breath is something most people have experienced after intense physical exertion, but when this sensation is disproportionate to levels of physical activity, it is typically a symptom of another medical condition. There are a variety of medical […]

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The Symptoms of COPD

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or COPD is a lung condition, chronic in occurrence, which makes breathing difficult for the COPD patient because the lung airways become obstructed. It is not an uncommon disease and the symptoms of COPD usually affect people who suffer from asthma, repeated episodes of bronchitis and sufferers of emphysema.  COPD is […]

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Knowing the Difference Between Bronchitis and Pneumonia

Bronchitis and pneumonia are not synonymous. However, both are diseases affecting the lower respiratory system. Typically, it affects the airways going to the lungs, so it is imperative that a person should learn the major differences of the diseases to have a better understanding. What is Pneumonia? A severe lung infection is called pneumonia. The […]

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Allergies and Hay Fever – What Will Help?

Antihistamine drugs work by blocking the release of histamine in response to an allergen. This prevents the allergic reaction in the short term and helps to clear allergic reactions like sneezing, red, itchy and watery eyes and nose. However, they also often have unwanted side effects like drowsiness, heart palpitations, impaired concentration, etc. Because they […]

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