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Why Starvation Diets Fail

Why Starvation Diets Usually Fail

Having trouble slimming down? You’re not the only one. A lot of folks are in a similar situation. But, a starvation diet isn’t the answer. How the Body Works Food is consumed. It is then broke down within the body so that it can be used for different purposes. The nutrients are used for various […]

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Benefits of Walking to Lose Weight

All healthy weight loss plans recommend exercise in conjunction with a balanced diet. However, exercise is hard work and overweight and obese people find that they are unable to seriously undertake an exercise regime. Moreover, the fitness level of people with sedentary lifestyles decreases to such an extent that their muscles lose efficiencies and over […]

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Precautions using weight loss herbs

Precautions While Using Weight Loss Herbs

Obesity can be caused due to a genetic predisposition, an inactive lifestyle and bad eating habits or due to an underlying medical ailment like thyroid disorders. Most effective obesity treatments are slow. The process requires persistent determination as it involves diets that you may not like and regular exercise. Weight loss medications are neither approved […]

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Cut Out Junk Food

Cut Out the Empty Calories

One of the easiest ways to shed the pounds is to cut out empty calories.  Many of us don’t realize that the amount of empty calories we consume add to up to a few extra pounds each month.  If you drop the empty calories you can easily lose 2 or 3pounds per month.  Here are […]

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An Overview of Metabolism

Metabolism is one of those basic of all chemical processes that take place in your body. It occurs in any living cell or organism and is necessary in order to sustain life. The chemical processes take place in order to break down certain substances in order to yield energy that is used for vital processes […]

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Create a Food Journal to Help Lose Weight

People all over the country are trying to lose weight. They may try counting calories, skipping meals, cutting out certain foods, or working out long hours to try to pare the pounds. One thing weight-loss experts recommend to anyone trying to slim down is that they create a food journal to help lose weight. You […]

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Can Food Increase Your Metabolism?

You hear talk of the possibility that food can increase metabolism. Do you ever wonder if the talk is true? The truth is that any food will increase your metabolism in the first hour after the food is eaten. Protein foods require approximately 25% more energy than other foods to digest so they may rev […]

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