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Systemic Care – Natural Help for Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is due to a nutrient deficiency and/or excess consumption of sugars. This deficiency accelerates the aging of the pancreas which in turn makes it difficult for it to produce active insulin. Systemic Care has been formulated to help address: * Nutrient deficiencies which may have attributed to the condition in the first […]

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Safer Treatment of Bell's Palsy

Safer Treatment of Bell’s Palsy

Stroke strikes terror in the hearts and minds of sufferers and their families. So there is little wonder why panic sets in when one awakes to droopy facial features and discomfort. Thankfully, for many, symptoms of one-sided facial paralysis are from a far less serious disorder — Bell’s palsy. Doctors often prescribe the anti-inflammatory corticosteroid […]

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Menorrhagia or Heavy Menstrual Bleeding

Menorrhagia is the medical term used to describe the condition in which there is heavy menstruation. Interestingly this is a symptom of an underlying problem but not the problem itself. There can be many underlying causes of excessive bleeding for women. A gynecologist, physician who specializes in the reproductive health of women, should be consulted […]

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