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Starting an Herbal Garden

When planning an herbal garden it is important to decide what herbs you want to grow. Then decide where you’re going to plant them. Will it be indoors or outdoors? Is there enough sunlight? Is the soil loose with good drainage or very firm and rocky? And so on; these are just a few things […]

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Making, Using a Healing Poultice

Herbal poultices were relied on in our grandparent’s day to ward off more life threatening afflictions like pleurisy, bronchitis and pneumonia. An old stand-by was the mustard poultice which was thought to “burn out” a pulmonary infection. The 1867 British Pharmacopoeia lists the instructions for making a Cataplasm sinapsis or poultice. Two and a half […]

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Planting and Cultivating Herbs

Preparing the Ground/Planting It is important in the planning of a growing area for herbs that you take into consideration certain factors: * What is the purpose for growing this plant? * What type of environment does this plant need? * Is this plant happiest in sun or shade; wet, dark soil or sandy loam? […]

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Herbal Preparation Methods

There are many methods for preparing herbs for therapeutic effect. Here are some of the most popular. Infusion Infusions are basically a herbal tea. You let the herb steep in hot or cold water for a while, then either reheat and drink, or drink it cool. You can use infusions in a bath, as a […]

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Collecting Wild Herbs

Nature, by its very design, provides a remedy for nearly any disease that may afflict a human being. This being the case, it is essential to know how to acquire and prepare the remedies. Acquisition of herbal remedies in the wild may not be as easy as some may think. If you cannot find the […]

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Herb-Nutrient-Drug Interactions

This Review was carefully researched and written by Sarah Abernathy, the head of the research department – Do you worry that the herbal remedies, high potency vitamins, and supplements you’re taking could interact with prescription drugs? You’re not alone. Nearly every day, someone contacts my research department to ask whether they can use herbal […]

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Don’t Take This with That! Common Drug-Herb-Vitamin Interactions

While herbs and vitamins are much safer than pharmaceutical drugs, there are some potential adverse reactions when taking them in combination. offers a comprehensive list by medications, here we will focus more on popular herbs, foods and vitamins, and how they react with selected drugs. Understanding Why Drugs and Herbs Interact There are two fundamental […]

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Drying, Preserving Flowers, Leaves

I love fresh flowers. But dried flowers make up about 85% of the arrangements in my house. Every holiday is an excuse to make a new dried flower arrangement in a vase or basket, to decorate a coffee table, or act as centerpiece on the dining room table. These arrangements are one of the reasons […]

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Harvesting Herbs

Herb gathering is a meticulous art; herbs should be picks at exactly the right moment when their various qualities are at their peak. For most herbs, this is usually during late spring and summer, and in the morning. Leaves should be picked young, just before the flowers open, when the leaf shoots contain concentrated medicinal […]

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Grow Herbs Inside – Tips

Growing herbs inside presents unique challenges, but it isn’t always complicated. The keys to successful herb growing inside are light, soil and water – just like out of doors gardening! Here’s some advice on the way to make the most sensible use of these elements in growing herbs inside. Boxes The very first thing you’ll […]

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