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Neat Oils or Undiluted Use?

Because of the rapid growth of aromatherapy practices since the internet has arrived, the use of undiluted essentials oils has increased dramatically – especially amongst holistic therapists and lay people who use oils without any safety training. Uninformed people at trade shows, fairs, and hundreds of entrepreneurial single trader businesses on the internet sell concoctions […]

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Soap-Making Basics

Making beautiful bars of fragrant herbal soap has never been easier. Purchase glycerin- or coconut-oil-based soap blocks at a crafts store, cut them into chunks, and melt them in the microwave. Add herbs, color, and fragrance to the liquid soap and pour into molds. Purchase soap molds, or use kitchen items such as tart tins […]

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Profiling Essential Oils

How to conduct your own aroma profile on an essential oil. Like most perfumes, essential oil aromas change over time. This easy system will help you profile your oils and keep the information for reference when formulating your own blends. Time Required:2-14 hours Here’s How: 1. Dip a scent strip in a selected essential oil. […]

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Combining Forces – Essential Oils, Reflexology

By D.S. Braun – Certified Aromatherapist, Certified Reflexologist Introduction In the holistic health care field many healing modalities have become the subject of interest and study for healthcare providers, holistic practitioners and the general populace alike. Many are finding that the combination of two or more therapies brings quicker, more complete relief from physical, emotional, […]

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Babies and Essential Oils

A good reminder of the power of essential oils and how they work. To introduce aromatherapy to babies place 2 drops of essential oil (try Lavender) on a tissue and keep it nearby when you are feeding him or her. He will come to associate the aroma with love and comfort. Use this scent at […]

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