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Essential Oils for Emotional Security

Self-improvement is about finding balance and happiness in our daily lives. The most important area in which we can achieve balance is in our own emotional security. After all, we cannot find true balance in relationships, our work environment, and even spiritually until we achieve self-acceptance, self-control, understanding and compassion. And while many of us […]

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Combining Forces – Essential Oils, Reflexology

By D.S. Braun – Certified Aromatherapist, Certified Reflexologist Introduction In the holistic health care field many healing modalities have become the subject of interest and study for healthcare providers, holistic practitioners and the general populace alike. Many are finding that the combination of two or more therapies brings quicker, more complete relief from physical, emotional, […]

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Crystal Reflexology

First select a quartz crystal which has a very good polished/smooth single-terminated point. Then remove socks, tights and/or footwear. Instructions below are for someone giving a crystal reflexology treatment to a ‘client’ – but this method is just as easily administered and just as effective if you are treating yourself. Also keep in mind that […]

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Babies and Essential Oils

A good reminder of the power of essential oils and how they work. To introduce aromatherapy to babies place 2 drops of essential oil (try Lavender) on a tissue and keep it nearby when you are feeding him or her. He will come to associate the aroma with love and comfort. Use this scent at […]

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Chakra Oil Blending Guide

Use the following chart to find the perfect essential oils which correspond to each chakra. Use 20 to 30 drops of Essential Oil to 1/2 oz. (15 ml.) of jojoba oil (carrier oil).   Chakra Colors Essential Oils Stones #7 Crown Violet Angelica Frankincense Rosewood Amethyst Crystal #6 Third Eye Indigo Rosemary Clary sage Lavender […]

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Essential Oils and Children

As in case of adults, aromatherapy works wonderfully in case of children too; a cool aromatic bath in a tub is always eagerly awaited by your children. Many oils can be used to treat many ailments and conditions of your growing children. However, care must be taken in treating children with oils, although there are […]

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The Benefits of Reflexology

Thousands of specific benefits have been reported from people who have received reflexology sessions. The broad range of reported benefits can be divided into several categories. * Stress reduction, profound relaxation, for all parts of the body, * Pain reduction and pain elimination, such as in the neck, shoulders, lower back and jaw, * Improved […]

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