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Coloring Your Hair at Home

Hair color at home can be a success if you know what you are doing. It is important to choose the right hair color for your skin tone. There are so many different shades of hair color on the market today that it is easy to get overwhelmed when trying to choose the right shade. […]

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Top 10 Secrets for Graceful Aging

The Harvard Study of Adult Development, the longest, most comprehensive examination of aging ever conducted. Since the 1930s, researchers have studied more than 824 men and women, following them from adolescence into old age, seeking clues to the behaviors that translate into happy and healthy longevity. The book “Aging Well”, by Harvard Medical School Psychiatrist, […]

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The Many Beauty Care Uses of Baking Soda

This humble substance, sodium bicarbonate, has an amazing array of uses for beauty care. It is inexpensive and can be purchased just about anywhere. So it’s worthwhile to know some of its applications! Shampoo Did you know that baking soda and water alone make an excellent shampoo? It helps remove build-up caused by hard water […]

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Natural Face Lift

The Natural Facelift

The prospect of a surgical facelift can be daunting…not to mention expensive. Have you wondered if there is a way to get a natural facelift? Good news – there are some things you can do to give your face a “lift” without going under the knife. Here are some tips on how to get a […]

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14 Year-Round Skin Care Tips

When you think of protecting your skin, you probably think of wearing sunscreen in the summer. Or, maybe you think of slathering on the moisturizer during the cold, winter months. But your skin needs protection all year round, and not just from the sun. Skin care is for all seasons! Here are some terrific year-round […]

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Cleaning Your Face

You’d think that we would all know how to clean our face; after all we do it every day. During the course of our daily routines we get a build up of many different impurities on our face that can clog the pores and give us a washed out complexion. These impurities come from grime, […]

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Nail Care and Manicure Tips

Taking care of your fingernails, achieving strong beautiful nails, isn’t as difficult or problematic as you may think. It does take intention however. You have to be intentional about the care you take of your hands and nails to achieve the results you are looking for. Nail care tip manicure #1 your nails are growing, […]

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