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Clean and Green Part II

Read Clean and Green Part I Garbage Disposal: To eliminate garbage disposal odors and clean and sharpen blades, grind ice and used lemon and/or orange rinds until pulverized. Kitchen Safety: Fire 1) Emergency fire extinguisher: if a greasy pan catches on fire, turn the heat off and try to cover the pan. Sprinkle powdered baking […]

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The Early Signs of a Stroke

A stroke is often referred to as a cerebrovascular accident or a CVA for short. This occurs when the blood vessels in the brain become blocked or burst. When either one of these events occur, the oxygen supply to the brain is cut off. This will cause the brain cells to die. A stoke will […]

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causes of stress

Top Things that Cause Stress

Stress, it is a word that many of us know all too well. Stress is never fun and it is never easy to deal with. When you feel stress, it can ruin your day whether it is just a fleeting feeling of stress or a major life change. You can do something about the stress […]

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Exfoliating Sugar Scrub Mask

* 1 teaspoon granulated sugar * 1 tablespoon plain yogurt * 1/4 teaspoon honey Combine ingredients and apply to face for 10 minutes. Rinse well with water and pat dry. Mask should be applied up to 3 times a week. The yogurt in this recipe is an exfoliating agent, and the honey helps moisturize any […]

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Healing Bruises

Ingredients: * 3 teaspoons of dried Marigold flowers (Calendula officinalis) * 1 cup boiled water Directions: Allow the flower heads to steep in the hot water for 5 minutes. Strain. Allow to cool. Wipe the bruised area with the decoction, then cover with a bandage. Organic Herbs, Oils and Natural Products for Healthy, Natural Living […]

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First Aid for Minor Burns

1) To help prevent scarring, break open a vitamin E capsule and gently wipe the burn with it. 2) The gel from the Aloe Vera plant when placed on a burn will speed up the healing process and help reduce scarring. 3) 2 drops lavender – Immediately apply ice cold water for 10 minutes. Then […]

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Learning About Anorexia

Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder that affects many women, some of whom go undiagnosed for years. Early diagnosis and treatment can improve the odds of recovery by a large percentage. Sometimes knowing the anorexia fact sheets can help both family, friends and providers to recognize the signs and symptoms. Anorexia nervosa appears more in […]

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