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Halloween Costume: Princess

If you have a young daughter, odds are she will want to dress up as a princess for Halloween.  While it may be easy to just go out and purchase a costume, it can be quite expensive in the long run.  Making a homemade princess costume for Halloween can be not only affordable but fun […]

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Halloween Costume: Pirate

One of the hottest recent movies is “Pirates of the Caribbean.”  With pirates growing in popularity, well, it makes sense that your son or daughter may wish to be a pirate for Halloween.  These are not only fun costumes to make, but quite easy as well.  So let’s make a homemade pirate’s costume! Here’s is […]

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Help for Bulimia

Bulimia is an eating disorder that affects thousands of people each year in western cultures. The characteristics of the disorder have been described since 1980 by the American Psychiatric Association and include an unrealistic opinion of body image, strict dieting protocols, binge eating (or pigging out) about 2 times a week followed by inappropriate ways […]

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Halloween Costume: Mummy

Making a mummy costume for Halloween can be hilarious.  However, if you want it to truly be a unique and authentic mummy costume, here are some ideas you can try. There are several ways you can make the costume.  Using strips from a white sheet and wrapping the mummy with them is one idea.  You […]

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