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How You Can Help Manage Your Asthma


Asthma is a condition that involves swelling of the bronchioles or constriction of the muscle fibers around the bronchioles and alveoli (tiny air sacs). Many asthmatics describe the event as having a metal band squeezing their chest. Asthma is a chronic condition that cant be cured but can be managed and controlled with medications and preventative measures.

People who suffer from asthma have greater positive results when they use asthma self management tools. More people are learning that living with asthma is controllable and doesn’t have to impede their lifestyle.

There are several asthma self management tools that help the asthma sufferer to adequately control their asthma so they can lead active lifestyles. One such tool is asthma coaches. These coaches or disease management specialists are employed by insurance companies to decrease their costs and the patients distress from asthma attacks.

The goal of asthma self management is to have easy access to the information, skills and support sufferers need to manage their asthma. Asthma self management is a fundamental component of asthma guidelines.

Another way to manage asthma is a written management plan that includes the triggers specific to the patient, medications that are used for rescue and control, emergency numbers for the doctor and emergency room, normal peak flow values for the patient and the signature of the patient and parent if appropriate.

Peak flow values measured by a peak flow meter has to be one of the easiest, and most effective, way to self-manage asthma. The sufferer should have a peak flow meter that is used several times during the week. Using the meter will help the patient to understand their lung potential and to recognize when their peak flow values are declining, signaling the onset of an asthma attack or acute asthma phase.

Peak flow values should be graphed daily. The recorded values will help you to recognize what would be normal values for you and helpful when you deviate from the normal.

Asthma self management tools empower the patient to take control of their own condition. This partnership between patient, doctor and any school teachers must be built on trust and communication. The asthma self management tools are used to evaluate the current medical plans and determine which triggers might have a more significant impact on your current lung irritability.

These tools must be flexible and individualized to the needs of the asthma sufferer. Without evaluation and the necessary changes based on your physical changes your asthma self management tools will be of no use to you. Use your tools well and with the help of the appropriate medical personnel.

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