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Why Anorexia Affects Our Women and Teens

anorexiaAnorexia is an eating disorder that affects mostly women. This disorder causes people to become obsessed with food and being skinny. Gaining weight becomes so terrifying that they will go to about any length to avoid it.

Recognizing Anorexia

Someone with anorexia acts irrational by eating less calories than their body requires. Sometimes this is so extreme that it leads to self starvation. Purging is another thing that anorexia can cause.

They eat a meal and force themselves to vomit afterward. Anorexia can also cause individuals to exercise obsessively and use laxatives.

Anorexia is more than needing to be skinny and restricting what is eaten. It is also psychologically connected with the inability to control other aspects of a person’s life. Subconsciously, someone with anorexia might feel like they have accomplished something by being able to control their eating.

They are often so preoccupied with what they eat or weigh that other important things in life are forgotten about or avoided.

Learn more about the signs and causes of anorexia in this short video:


Anorexia and the Media

The media plays a big role in causing women to think they need to be perfect. Skinny women are glamorized while obese women tend to be looked down upon. It is common for people, who suffer from anorexia, to really concern themselves with issues around the world. Restricting their food intake gives them a sense of accomplishment because they are able to exercise an extreme degree of willpower.

If you think you or your child has Anorexia…

If you think you or your child suffers from anorexia then talk to your doctor immediately. They will likely perform blood and urine tests, as well as ask you a lot of questions. Chances are they will then refer you to a psychologist or psychiatrist. You will then be asked many questions about your eating and exercise habits. It is not hard to diagnose anorexia, so you will know if you suffer from it very soon.

If you have somebody in your family that suffers from anorexia then you are 4 times more likely to acquire it. It does not necessarily have to do with the genes 100% of the time, though. Anorexia can be learned from other people and by sharing experiences with them. One of the most terrible ways for someone to acquire anorexia is by having a parent criticize their child’s weight or body shape. This kind of criticism causes deep emotional disturbances that often lead to anorexia or bulimia.

Dieting is often fashionable among teenage girls because being thin is so idealized. The media only makes it worse by cramming dieting ads all over magazines and on the television. Make sure you talk to your teenage girls about this and keep an eye on what they are eating.

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Please become informed about Anorexia – there are answers and treatment options available!

Stay Informed!

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