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Learning About Alzheimer Coenzyme as an Alternative Treatment


Learning About Alzheimer Coenzyme as an Alternative TreatmentAlzheimer’s disease is a debilitating and ultimately fatal disease that attacks the nerve center, or brain. Patients often suffer from symptoms such as memory loss, disorientation, functional loss of physical abilities, as well as the ability to think clearly. Also known as senile dementia, these patients gradually lose their minds.

Diseases and illnesses that cause such distress to families also encourage the development of miracle cures that are promoted in magazines, media and across the Internet. More often than not these cures have no basis in research or science but rather are claimed to be all natural or herbal.

Case studies and research have proven that because a product is all natural or herbal it doesn’t equate to being safe or effective. There have been many studies that prove the efficacy and efficiency of herbal medications for many illnesses. However this research is based on blind and random studies using a subject group large enough to make generalizations to the public.

One such cure that has received press is the so called Alzheimer coenzyme. One coenzyme that has been a popular alternative medication, because it has proven effects on the cardiovascular system of patients, is Coenzyme Q10. This is an anti-oxidant that occurs naturally in the body and is essential for normal cell
reactions to occur.

The natural co-Q10 is called ubiquinone but hasn’t been studied in the care and treatment of patients with Alzheimers disease. A synthetic version of the compound, called idebenone, was tested in the treatment of Alzheimer’s but didn’t show favorable results. And unfortunately little is known about what dosage is considered safe.

But, because the effects of Alzheimer’s is related to mitochondrial dysfunction and oxidative damage to the nerve cells increasing the amount of anti-oxidant foods and supplements to delay the progression of diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease makes sense. There has been some case study results that suggest that further research into the use of Co-Q10 to be incorporated into the treatment of Alzheimers disease would help improve the results of treatment.

In another study by Dr. Wolozin, Kellman, Ruosseau, Celesia and Siegel looked at the possibility that 3-hydroxy-3-methyglutaryl coenzyme A reductase inhibitors would decrease the number of patients diagnosed with Alzheime’rs disease. Their theory was based on the findings that patients with elevated serum cholesterol were more at risk for the diagnosis of Alzheimers.

Their conclusion was based on a cross sectional analysis of 3 groups of patient records from 3 hospitals over 2 consecutive years. They found that there was a lower prevalence of diagnosed Alzheimer’s in patients who were taking 2 of the different 3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl coenzyme A redutase inhibitors lovastatin and pravastatin. From this particular study causative mechanisms couldn’t be inferred but the study revealed an interesting association that warrants further study.

Alzheimer coenzymes are potentially a new route of treatment or prevention for Alzheimer’s disease that must be studied more fully before definitive statement and protocols can be written.

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