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  • Essential Oils for Ear Aches and Infections

    Essential Oils for Ear Aches and Infections

    Antiseptic essential oils such as lavender and tea tree can be diluted in olive oil and rubbed around the outside of-never in-the ear and over the lymph nodes on the side of the neck. If ...

treating boils

Diagnosing and Treating Boils

What are Boils? Bacterial infections or the inflammation of one or more hair follicles can result in the formation of a boil. They are usually painful and can be quite distressing, especially if they are recurring. A boil generally starts off as an inconspicuous pink and tender bump localized to one area which soon develops […]

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How to Make Myrrh Mouthwash

* 6 drops tea tree oil * 6 drops myrrh oil * 6 drops peppermint oil * 2 T grain alcohol Get your dried, organic herbs, organic essential oils, bulk spices, loose leaf organic teas and aromatherapy supplies at the place where we shop – StarWest Botanicals! Bring about 7 oz water to a boil. […]

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How to Balance Your Body Energy

How to Balance Your Body Energy

The energy of your body will not be balanced and free flowing if you do not have good emotional balance, good physical health, and good relationships with your surroundings and yourself. Almost no one is ever perfectly balanced. If you could do this, you would be able to rise from the dead, have a body […]

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