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How Financial Worries Can Make You Sick

One of the biggest reasons for distress in our lives is not love per se or contemplating the meaning of life. It’s in our wallet. This stressor has many names: dough, long green, loot, bread, moolah, bones, bills and bucks. No matter what you call it, money can lead to anguish in so many ways […]

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The Connection Between Diet and Arthritis

The relationship between nutritional intake and arthritis is complex and poorly understoodc. This may be because of the over 100 different types of arthritis that have been diagnosed and the multitude of different vitamins and minerals which have an effect on our health. Researchers do know that individuals who have osteoarthritis, the most common form […]

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Anti-Aging Oil

Mix with 30mls of Almond oil * 3 drops Frankinscence * 3 drops Neroli * 1 drop Lavender * 3 drops Rose Massage into face and neck morning and night. It has certainly made a difference to my complexion. It evens out blemishes and has refines some fine lines. Free PDF Health Ebook…!

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To Ease Coughs Throughout the Day

* 2 drops Eucalyptus * 2 drops Lavender Add 2 drops eucalyptus and 2 drops lavender to 4 teaspoons of a massage base oil (such as sweet almond or pure vegetable oil) and apply to the throat and chest (this will make enough for several applications). Free PDF Health Ebook…!

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First Aid Training for Poisons

More than 90 percent of all poison incidents occur in the house. And while anyone can become a victim, children are the most vulnerable since they are smaller, have faster metabolic rate, and their body are less able to handle toxic material. Causes of Poisoning Since the majority of poison incidents happen in the house, […]

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Healing With Crystals

Have you ever wondered about the power of crystals? Did you know that crystals have the metaphysical power of healing? Using certain crystal methods, crystal healing can help a number of physical problems. This metaphysical healing relies on the innate powers of healing crystals. For example, rose quartz is great for emotional healing, amethyst crystals […]

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10 Household Items That Can Do Double-Duty

It may surprise you to know that you have a wealth of double-duty items lying around your home! You’ll often find that these items have really practical uses that can solve various problems. Here are 10 household items that can do double-duty 1. Alka Seltzer Did you know that this antacid can be popped in […]

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