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Environmental Fragrance

Add 10 drops Lemon, 3 drops Eucalyptus and 2 drops Rosewood to 4 to 8 ounces water. Place in an Atomizer, shake well and spray throughout the house to purify and freshen the air. **Be sure not to spray close to furniture, floors, etc. Free PDF Health Ebook…!

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Crystal Properties

Amber It is fossilized resin. Amber absorbs and changes negative energy into positive energy. It calms, purifies, increases motivation and creativity. Amber is a powerful amulet when worn for protection. Amethyst This type of quartz has the power to control all types of harmful behavior. It has the power to heal and balance physical, emotional […]

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Essential Oil Blends to Ease Fear

The below blends can help during times of fear. When selecting and using oils, be sure to follow all safety precautions and remember that aromatherapy should not be used as a substitute for proper medical treatment. Blend #1 – Suited for Times When You Also Need to Be Energized * 3 drops Grapefruit * 2 […]

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Sweet Treatment for Damaged Hair

nspired by Better Basics for the Home, by Annie B. Bond (Three Rivers Press, 1999). Here is a one-ingredient formula that may surprise you, but it has amazing nourishing and repairing properties for damaged hair. If you spent too many hours this summer in a pool, in the sun, or getting tangles from harsh salty […]

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All About Acid Reflux

Acid reflux strikes at any age. The signs and symptoms of acid reflux can be slightly different in those who are children than when adults experience the reflux. The treatment and prevention of acid reflux can be the same with modifications for children and adults. Adults: Adults who get acid reflux typically complain about the […]

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Cleopatra’s Hair Conditioner

* 1/2 cup honey * 1/4 cup olive oil Prepare the formula the day before you plan to use it. Shake well before applying. In a jar mix honey and olive oil. Cover tightly and shake thoroughly. Before shampoo, massage solution over all of hair briskly. Leave on for 10 minutes (covor your head loosly […]

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Natural Remedies for Depression

Do you ever find yourself feeling depressed?  If so, you may be looking for relief.  Depression is a medical condition that can be mentally and emotionally draining.  Those who have depression with dangerous and deadly thoughts, such as suicide, are urged to speak with a medical professional immediately.  However, if you only find yourself feeling […]

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Asthma Remedies

Asthma attacks occur when there is inflammation of the air passage or bronchial tubes. Asthma is considered as a chronic health condition but even if you have it, you can effectively manage and control it with the help of your doctor. Since the airways are affected, you will experience difficult in breathing. The attacks can […]

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Lavender Foot Scrub Recipe

In a small bowl with 6 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil, add 2 tablespoons of fine sea salt and stir. Add 20 drops of Lavender oil and stir. Apply the scrub to one foot at a time using small circular movements, concentrating on the dry areas. Do this for 10 minutes to each foot […]

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