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Make Your Own Bubble Bath

By Abigail Beal ( Indulge yourself and make your own bubble bath. Wouldn’t it be nice to relax into a bubble bath that you’d created? Making bubble bath is simple & fun. They can also make wonderful gifts for friends and loved ones for the holidays or other special occasions. The ingredients used to make […]

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Making Your Second Dinner Table Safe

Food Safety Tips for the Office You’re probably familiar with the common kitchen rules– cooking meat thoroughly, disinfecting surfaces– but perhaps you haven’t given much thought to the OTHER place you likely eat the most! 70 percent of Americans eat at their desks or at work on a regular basis, so concern over cleanliness should […]

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Raising Non-Racist Children

It’s important to teach children the inherent value of all people, regardless of skin color or cultural background. If we want racism to disappear, we have a duty to raise the next generation to be color-blind. Here are some tips on how to raise your child or children to be non-racist. 1. Use appropriate descriptive […]

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Is It ADHD or a Bad Diet?

You have had trouble concentrating at work.  It seems as if you’ll go stir crazy if you have to wait more than five minutes for anything.  The problem could be attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD. What is ADHD?  We hear the acronym tossed around a lot when it comes to kids, but what does it […]

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Quick Make Bath Bag

Use an old handkerchief or piece of thin cotton fabric, six to eight inches square. Place a fourth cup of dried lavender blooms in the center, gather the corners together and secure the bundle with a piece of twelve-inch ribbon, tie it in a knot. Tie the very ends of the ribbon together in bow […]

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Essential Oil Travel Insurance

Going on a trip is usually thought of as a wonderful experience, one that you and your family may have planned and looked forward to for some time. To have the most fun – to get the most out of the experience – it’s important that you and your loved ones have the means to […]

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Sweet Heart Blends

Sugar and Spice aroma lamp blend * 1 drop Rose Otto or Rose Absolute * 2 drops Clove * 3 drops Mandarine This is recommended for “not so innocent flirtations” – said to increase the suspense between the spoken and the unspoken. Feminine, sexy, naughty and nice. Scented Body Rub – to massage him: * […]

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Essential Oils for the Urinary Tract

The urinary system, consisting of the kidneys and bladder, regulates the body’s water content and salt balance, and eliminates waste. The kidney determines what will be eliminated and what will be recycled. It is also involved in regulating blood pressure. Antiseptic diuretics to treat infections of the bladder include Cedarwood, tea tree, bergamot and fennel. […]

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May We All Be Coffee

A young woman went to her mother and told her about her life and how things were very hard for her. She did not know how she was going to make it and wanted to give up. She was tired of fighting and struggling. It seemed as one problem was solved, a new one arose. […]

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Onions For Earaches

This one’s a bit strange, but works very well. Make an onion poultice and apply externally over the infected ear. Cut an onion up, stick it in a hot oven until it starts to turn brown (make sure you set it in a glass pan to catch any juices, remove from oven, wrap in a […]

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