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Energetic Spirit Oil Blend

If you would like to learn reflexology, Color Therapy, Crystal Therapy or Aromatherapy at your own pace in your own home, please visit the Alternative Healing Academy. We offer a wide range of comprehensive holistic health courses at affordable prices. The Alternative Healing Academy even offers payment plans! Free PDF Health Ebook…!

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Food Color Therapy? Really? Yep!

Antioxidants are all very popular today. And, rightly so. Antioxidants assist to counteract free radicals which cause cell damage, which consequently can bring on ailments of the heart as well as cancer. It seems like almost everywhere you go it is blueberry this and blueberry that. You have your choice of wild blueberry juice, blueberry-pomegranate […]

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Ten Foods You Should NEVER Eat!

1 Artery Crust. Judging by the label, Pepperidge Farm Original Flaky Crust Roasted Chicken Pot Pie has 510 calories and 9 grams of saturated fat. But look again. Those numbers are for half a pie. Eat the entire pie, as most people probably do, and you’re talking more than 1,000 calories and 18 grams of […]

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Underlying Causes of Bad Breath

You brush your teeth several times each day. You use the toothbrush and the toothpaste your dentist recommends. You make sure you get a professional cleaning every six months—and you even have curbed your coffee intake. Yet, you still notice that your breath is not as fresh smelling as it should be. Could there be […]

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How to Make Bath and Massage Oils

Bath and massage oils are made by adding essential oils to vegetable carrier oil bases. The ratio is one teaspoon of essential oil to 4 ounces of carrier oil. Use amber or cobalt blue glass for your oils and keep out of direct light. Do not store in plastic bottles. It is best not to […]

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Home Remedies for Arthritis Pain Relief

Remedy 1 – Stretch Gently for Strength and Mobility. When it comes to arthritis, moving hurts, but not moving destroys. Incorrect moving harms, but intelligent moving heals. Yoga teaches movement with proper joint alignment which helps bring deformed joints back to normal position as appropriate muscles are lengthened and strengthened. Consider a private session with […]

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Woodland Fairy Bath

Get your dried, organic herbs, organic essential oils, bulk spices, loose leaf organic teas and aromatherapy supplies at the place where we shop – Starwest Botanicals! One handful each: * Sassafras leaves * Eucalyptus leaves * Pine needles * Rosemary * Strawberry leaves Infuse fresh sprigs of each of the above ingredients into 2 quarts […]

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Balancing Body Energy

The energy of your body will not be balanced and free flowing if you do not have good emotional balance, good physical health, and good relationships with your surroundings and yourself. Almost no one is ever perfectly balanced. If you could do this, you would be able to rise from the dead, have a body […]

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Crystal Reflexology

First select a quartz crystal which has a very good polished/smooth single-terminated point. Then remove socks, tights and/or footwear. Instructions below are for someone giving a crystal reflexology treatment to a ‘client’ – but this method is just as easily administered and just as effective if you are treating yourself. Also keep in mind that […]

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Blend to Ease Sinuses

Get your dried, organic herbs, organic essential oils, bulk spices, loose leaf organic teas and aromatherapy supplies at the place where we shop – Starwest Botanicals! * 2 drops Eucalyptus * 2 drops Peppermint * 2 drops Tea Tree Boil a pot of water and remove it from the stove. While it is still steaming, […]

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